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I'm a sickle cell. How can I get rid of my yellow eyes

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Hi, I am 21 years of age. And from African.

I have sickle cell. And the only symptoms I am having is my very yellowish eyes.

I hardly have crisis...

I guess am very lucky.

But I need solutions on how to get rid of my yellow eyes...even if I don't attain white eyes. I just don't want it to be too yellowish.

Am close to 6ft tall and a slim guy.

am always shy when talking to someone because of my yellow eyes.

am always on dark shades.

Any solutions.

Thank you

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The whites of your eyes are yellow because of the blood condition that you have. Only a doctor can tell you how to minimize. That condition. Maybe there are vitamins you can take. Talk to your doctor before taking anything, Please!!

You are blessed if you only have yellow eye whites and few crisis. Drinking plenty of water can't hurt you.

Really, think you need to see Dr. sounds like you are jaundice which is deposition of bilirubin, a pigment generated from the breakdown of hemoglobin. You need BLOOD TRANSFUSION

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Tee2gifted in reply to alebright

That does not always mean they need a blood transfusion🙂

I completely relate, I have yellow eyes as well.

The Doctors will tell you that drinking plenty will get your eyes whiter, bear in mind I said whiter not white.

I drank ten liters of water in one day, and my eyes did get whiter, but I was disappointed at how yellowish they still looked. The only advice I can give is that you should embrace it. It took me a while but I have, it's something unique about you. Now when I talk to someone I always look deep into their eyes.

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Deemua in reply to Anzy

Great attitude, but you have to go for regularly check up, as this can be a sign of other underlying issues.

thank you all.

It very easy get a bone marrow transplant

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Wolfaxe in reply to TBone444

Not in Nigeria it isn't

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SCT1952 in reply to TBone444

Is it so easy to get a transplant? No, it is not, unless one has a match either via the world bank or from a sibling with your same parents who is willing & able to donate bone marrow for the procedure. There is ‘Autologous’ Bone Marrow modification (extracting ones own bone marrow, genetically ‘tweaking’ it & putting it back into one’s body) that can, in some patients, in some countries, be performed. However, this procedure is in its infancy & more trials have to be done before it is widely available.

I go through the same thing. I'm 23 now and was born and raised in America but I'm Haitian. I'm definitely very lucky because i have a crisis maybe once or twice a year. I have other mild painful episodes but I can usually manage those at home. I'm still looking for different ways to make them whiter. I'm learning how to embrace them and some things I have found that help are eating healthier.

Lots of fruits and vegetables; drinking tumeric & honey tea, and eating almonds. Those help make my eyes less yellowish but still yellow. I'm pretty sure a blood transfusion is what would fix the problem because of all the bilirubin in your bloodstream.

Hope this helps and if anyone finds a solution please share!

Thank you

Make lemon juice.

Method I used that worked for my son who is SS.

Take one 🍋 lemon

Cut in half and juice it.

Take about a cup of hot water and add some real honey to it, dissolve the honey and pour into the line juice.

Add some ice cubes if u like and enjoy.

By the next day ur eyes will start clearing out. I guess u can do this three times in a week for starters and subsequently once a week...it will definitely clear out in a week. I read that it helps restore the liver and clear the system of bilirubin which is responsible for the yellow colour in your eyes. I hope this helps.

Other juices u can try are tomato juice and lime juice.

God bless and keep you.

Thank you all for the help. :)

Try Liquid Chlorophyl or Milk Thistle. They detoxify the liver and could help.

Hi @Decoslim have you had any success with with completely clearing the yellow from your eyes yet?

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Decoslim in reply to Olax

Nope. Eyes are still yellow

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Coppe in reply to Decoslim

Currently I use lots of water, eat many dates fruit as I can a day, cucumber, sugarcane, moulded sugar from sugarcane. its easy to get if you leave in the North. Stay strong Bro.

I have the same yellow eye / sickle cell Jaundice issue as you and it’s driving me crazy because it seems like no matter what you try, the eyes do not completely clear. People talk about getting a bone marrow transplant but I wonder if they know how complicated that can be if you don’t have any relatives that match your blood type.

Thank you all for the help :)

Happy New Year

In a person who has sickle cell disease let's first examine why the eyes are yellow. Understand that bilirubin levels are higher than normal because the red blood cells don't live as long as a normal red blood cell. Therefore, the bilirubin levels are higher which causes jaundice (yellow eyes). Bilirubin is an orange-yellow pigment formed in the liver by the break down of hemoglobin and excreted in the bile. Consequently the liver has a harder time getting rid of excess bilirubin, so the primary focus must be on cleansing and detoxifying the liver . There are multiple measures that can be taken to help decrease the bilirubin levels and consequently decrease the jaundice. 1. Speak with your physician regarding taking hydroxyurea which is FDA approved to treat sickle cell disease. There are certain benefits with taking this medication that can also help with the jaundice. Also ask about a newer FDA approved medication for sickle cell called Endari (l-glutamine). Remember that any medication which has a benefit in treating the sickling process can ultimately help with symptoms such as jaundice. There is also a medication used for dissolving gallstones and treating other liver problems that is helpful as well called ursodeoxycholic acid. In addition to medications, research what nutritional supplements or food sources can detox the liver. Barley water and goji juice are helpful as well as milk thistLe which is an herb. Watch your diet and try to reduce the amount of fatty foods that you consume which tend to worsen jaundice. Drink 100 percent juices that tend to cleanse the blood such as dark grape juice or bilberry juice. In addition to drinking regular water, also drink coconut water which tends to be more hydrating and have nutrients that are beneficial to the body . As your body tends to rid itself of the bilirubin, bear in mind that you must make sure that you are going to the bathroom regularly to remove the waste . Do an internet search on natural remedies for jaundice which will give you many options. Determine the ones that you would like to try because different remedies tend to work better depending on the person. For many years, I suffered with jaundice as a result of having sickle cell disease. I often times felt that the stares and insensitive comments from other people were almost as bad as the pain that I would sometimes experience. I understand what you're going through when you talk about having yellow eyes because I've been there, but through years of trial and error of trying various therapies I've been able to overcome that. I pray that you can too!!

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WoGr in reply to Letsshare

Overcome as in you have non yellow eyes? What exactly did you do Please? A combination of all your suggestions or which one did you really use?

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Olax in reply to Letsshare

Hi, with all due respect, if I had a pound for every time I read a paragraph similar to yours, I would be a billionaire, please if possible can you let us know the exact main remedy/treatment that helped clear the yellow from your eyes, I understand they may not only be one but multiple so if you could just let us know the one that helps you the most in your opinion. Looking forward to a speedy reply if possible. Thanks

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Decoslim in reply to Letsshare

Thanks for your reply

It is my first time on this forum. I am so happy I am here, I now know I'm really not alone. The jaundice associated with sickle cell anaemia is my worst nightmare. It's like a sign post on my forehead that says "i have sickle cell anemia" even though I look healthy. I seldom go out with friends or attend parties because of it, and of course, many of my relationships have not worked too. Water has not helped in a visible way but I still take a lot of it cos at least, it will help detoxify. I am thinking of asking my doctor to prescribe hydroxyurea to see if it would work and learning to get comfortable with dark shades . I can't lay hold of many of the suggestions here like barley water or goji juice, we don't have those in Nigeria but I will try lemon and honey.

What scares me the most is when I read that someone with sickle cell anaemia dies due to complications. Please let me know if you know someone with the condition who has lived long. It will really help keep my faith

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Decoslim in reply to WoGr

Stay strong


You are indeed lucky that in spite of having a sickle cell you do not have much crisis. Same time hope you are aware that sickle cell condition can be cured completely through bone marrow/stem cell transplant. The factors influencing the success of the treatment are age and the current condition/stage of the disease. In short, it means earlier the action the better the outcome. If you would want to know more about the treatment please reach out to me at anjana@indheal.com. I can help you with that



Thanks. But bone marrow/stem cell transplant may be risky for me.. I'm 26 going to 27

I think you just have to embrace it. The only thing that helps me have whiter eyes(still yellow but barely noticeable) is drinking lots of water and taking my folic acid, I drink 2.5litres a day. And also regular blood exchange (4 weekly). Speak to your doctor about joining an exchange program but as you’ve said you don’t really have too much symptoms apart from yellow eyes so it’ll be very difficult to get a doctor to agree to this. Hope this helps.

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Decoslim in reply to Nurmeg27

Yeah I just have to embrace the yellow eyes and just be okay with the eyes a bit clear.

Wow regular blood exchange. That's what I don't do.

Only when very necessary.

And I don't even like blood transfusion

Hello, thanks for all the helpful replies. It has been 5 years I made this post and wow how time flies.

Why I still use to have few crisis. Some crisis can really be intense and can make me want to cry or even crying. 😅

But I'm glad after every storm there is a calm.

Also for the yellow eyes. Yes they are still yellow, but sometimes they can be clear a bit if I make more efforts to take care of myself.

I use dark shade to talk more comfortable.

For bone marrow/step cell transplant, i think that can be risky for me now.

Now I'm 26. Going to 27 September.

Once again Thank you all so much for the wonderful care. And I wish you all Good Health.

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Olax in reply to Decoslim

Happy Birthday month D! Don’t know whereabouts you live but there’s going to be some trails for the new Voxelotor (GBT440) medicine in November. I researched on the medicine and read a case study on someone you had ss jaundice and within one week his eyes were clear from taking the medicine and his well-being was better than it’s ever been but as soon as he stopped taking it, the jaundice came back, I am also going on this trial in November, God willing,

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Decoslim in reply to Olax

I live in Nigeria . How are you

Forgot to say the trails will be taken place in London, Guys and St Thomas hospital haemotology / sickle cell clinics

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Mr_ade in reply to Olax

Hi, have you done the trial? How can one get on it?

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Olax in reply to Mr_ade

Hi, Its best if you call the haematology team at guys hospital and ask them for the trails sickle cell clinical trails department because I was told it will start around November/December but when I spoke to them they said the trials are delayed and it should be starting in January or February now.

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Mr_ade in reply to Olax

Ok thanks

Try drinking lots of water like half bag of pure water per day

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Decoslim in reply to Yourfriend

Thanks . Drinking lots of water do help clear my eyes a bit but the stress of also having to pee a lot is there. Especially when you go out.

Thank you all so much for the help. I hope you all are doing fine.

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