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My daughter actually both of them have been diagnosed with fibromyalga but recently found out there is sickle cell trait in the family just wondering if any of you have been doagnosed with fibro or anyone 1 with fragile x carriers ir full blown seems the syptons are quite alike and just so happens we have fragile x in the tamily does anyone if any of these could be linked

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  • I am wondering this too.recent sickle cell trait plus alpha thal trait.also same and similar symptoms of fragile x.mild symptoms. It seems to be true that the majority of drs and people do not know or understand the complexity and many issues that come with having theses traits.

  • Its really weird my daughter suffers badly with back shoulders hands n feet pain inflamation sometimes really bad chest pain rhumi has said its fibro but we have only just found out about sicklecell trsit in the family just dont know what to think anymote an going to get myself and girls tested and see if brings up anything new thankyou for the repky

  • People with sickle trait can have the same symptoms as those who have sickle cell disease. Many doctors don't know this.

    Like with any chronic condition these symptoms are made worse if the person is deficient in vitamin D, iron(haemoglobin and ferritin), vitamin B12 or folate. Again many doctors don't seem to know this.

    Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency gives loads of random pains particularly in muscles, joints and bones.

    If the doctor diagnosed fibro and didn't test these vitamins and iron levels to check they are adequate e.g. not below or at the bottom of the range, then that could easily be a misdiagnosis.

    Btw You can have a lower haemoglobin level with sickle cell trait but not always. So you tend to need repeat full blood counts plus an iron panel to work out what is normal for you.

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