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My typical Day

l start my day by juicing lemon and ginger mix it up with raw honey add my 2 herbs into it, which are Even flo and Jobelyn. I heat this mixture up a little then drink and top up with lots of water. My first glass of water will be warm and will include a few drops of chloroxygen ( this is amazing l think it maybe responsible for improving an hb of 6.9 to 9.0).

I will have breakfast and carry on drinking, at lunch l have a sandwich and a fruit smoothie with a scoop of a good multivitamin powder, l take lifesource complete powder.

When making my meals l try to pick healthy choices although l don't always manage to. I also have water containing chloroxygen lunch time.

At bed time l do the same juice lemon, ginger and honey with the herbs and my water containing choroxygen. This regimen seems to make the symptoms milder.

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This sounds very good. Part from evenflo would you mind giving further information on the other herb you use and also the multivitamin powder.and other ingredients please.



Hello Nann58 l use jobelyn which is sorghum leaf powder apparently this contains anti-sickling properties. I used to use a multi vitamin powder called tangy tangerine but it was becoming too expensive and l found this alternative. It contains lots of natural multi vitamins and some probiotics which are important because of the penicillin.

ok so l read your profile, and the most important things you can do for your granddaughter is the fruit smoothie everyday without fail and a vegetable juice a few times a week l do beetroot, apple and carrot this will encourage regular bowel movements which also helps with the absorption of the good vitamin you are giving.

There is research done which suggested that vit d deficiency makes sickle cell symptoms worse my consultant always checks my vit d levels. But the body needs you to supply all the nutrients especially when battling disease.

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Thank you Mamo07 for sharing. I agree with your advice and will add it to what we are already doing. We are aware of the great need for vitD. And we do have evenflo. So thanks again.

Kind regards



You are welcome Nann.


Thank you for sharing! I have never heard of chloroxygen, how long have you been using it for? I am always on the look for improving my health with natural remedies. I am glad that you are in better health because of this.


Hello Anzy you are welcome , anytime! I am always researching and evaluating what l do to manage sickle cell naturally as well as paying attention to my Doctor. l have been using chloroxygen for almost 2 years now l tried lots of other natural things because l really wanted to push haemoglobin up naturally because l read stories of other people doing it. Initially l tried normal chlorophyll but that didn't help much. You know every person is different but l hope this information helps.


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