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Yellow eyes and Red lips

Ever since I was young I had yellow eyes,now at 22 I still do,and the most irritating question I get even from strangers is "why are your eyes yellow",this really brings my spirit down,Because I cant ever explain to everybody I meet why my eyes are so,although I havent tried any medication that would clear my jaundice,I am really urged to try,So my question is what are some of the medicines that can clear the eyes?I tried milk thistle but it never worked for me.

2nd I have extremely red lip lower lip,it has now lost pigmentation and its turning white,how can I restore it?

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Yellowing eyes are common with SCD - it's more noticeable In mine when I'm run down or dehydrated.

Hydration is SO important, please make sure you are drinking enough.. I cannot stress this enough. Water also helps to dilute waste products from the liver, build up of these can be responsible for jaundiced eyes.

I would recommend you see your Haematologist (or family Doctor if you don't have one) & ask for a liver function test as a precaution.

Ultimately health professionals after appropriate testing will be able to help you in the way of medications, diet, water intake, supplements etc.


Hello, I am really sorry that your spirit is brought down by something that is in the grand scheme of things the very least of the problems people who have sickle-cell face. I have yellow eyes as well all the time because I have jaundice and I have sickle-cell anaemia. So I know where you are coming from, it has taken me a long time to accept it as part of who I am. I have tried various methods to get rid of the colouring but nothing worked and in the end I just thought it's just a colour, it's unique and a little strange but it is me. Saying that, I started drinking alkaline water last year and my eyes have really cleared up they are still yellow but they are the lightest I have ever had them in my life. In relation to your lips I am not sure I suggest coca butter or lipstick.

I hope this helps and I am sending positivity your way ♥.


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