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How to make yellow eyes white

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Hey am having a crisis can't even get out of my room because of my yellow eyes, please can someone help me i want my eyes to be white what can i do?

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Hi Nicwise, sorry to hear that you are in pain. The yellow eyes is not nice and I know how it feels. I also know its not that easy to get rid of but drinking loads of water helps. I know we don't like to hear about water but it helps a great deal. I have gotten used to drinking 3 litres a day. Wasn't easy when I started. Just have a bottle of water by your side every time. Good luck and get well soon.

Tinted glasses, works for me

Good morning, I'm so sorry you're feeling self conscious about having yellow eyes, I used to be the same way. There is nothing that can be done to complete remove the yellow tint, I drink four liters of alkaline water and it's vastly improved the appearance but they are still there. My only word of advice is to embrace it, I know that's difficult but it's taken me a long time to realise that instead of trying to look like everyone else you just need to accept you. You have Sickle-cell, that means you're a warrior you've survived things some people couldn't imagine, having yellow eyes is your battle scars, it means you survived.

Stay strong.


That's advise says and tells it all

Drinking a lot of coconut water helps

Sorry to hear you're not well. How are you now? Try liquid chlorophyll or milk thistle. I know people who have used them successfully. Keep us posted.

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