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Thinking of going Portugal to get rid of my yellow eyes



I’m looking to go Portugal to get 2 liquid-based digestive beneficial medicines, ones called Epocler and the other, Epativan. Links to both of the medicines are on top of this post, please if anyone has any information about these medicines or can give me any info on the ingredients of these medicines before I go and buy them in Portugal, that would be so so great and appreciated! You need to use the Google translator via the Google chrome web browser to translate the language of the websites from Portuguese to English. Thank you and God bless. I really hope someone can get back to me about this.

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I have never heard of this, I have also tried different things to get rid of the jaundice in my eyes but there is no getting rid of per say. You can just lessen the effect. I tried all sorts of things to get rid of the yellow colour in my eyes nothing worked. Then I discovered alkaline water, drinking four litres of it everyday has made my eyes nearly white, it has lessened the yellow and it ha made me healthier. I definitely recommend this.

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Alkaline water, I will try that, I used to drink 5 L of bottled water a day but it did not do nothing for my eyes, only lessened the yellow but not clear it.

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These links are from Brazilian websites. I'm Portuguese from Portugal and never heard of it. Please check carefully.


Jaundice is one of the manifestations of SCD and it varies according to the level of sicklling which is occurring.

Here is article from a knowledgeable SCD patient with some tips:



Hi Miriuska, I have read that article already but thank you.


Hi Olax, seems like you need to seen your doctor before trying any medication being bought over a website as this can be dangerous, but saying that i will alternative meds , such as milk thistle seeds which you can boil and drink as tea. Also may ask , this is a bit personal, when you pass water, is very dark, if so you need to drink loads to flush out the toxins in your liver.

Also another remedy i would recommend would be tumeric powder or tablets.

Just to let you know i have all and they work marvellously without fail. Hope this help

One more things get your doctors to do a thoroughbcheck on U&E's level as well as tour ferritin combine with iron check


Hi, yes I have the milk thistle seeds crushed to powder combined with the milk thistle leafs, I let it brew once I have added hot kettle water to it, and I drink turmeric powder every day, how much turmeric powder would you recommend? I’m trying to drink 3 cups a day of each. I’m also eating a lot of lentil soup which seems to be helping. Thanks for reaching out! ❤️


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