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Sickle cell trait

I'm 35 female have a sickle cell trait. For the passed 10 years suffered with uti and pain in my kidney. I've done lots of research and we are more prone to more things than they tell us research is only letting us know now. That my sickle cell trait the little c shape in my blood can be damaging my kidney and causing my pain . I've been told my right kidneys not working and the tube from its dilated because its made its self bigger trying to work. I'm due to see a urologist on Friday and going to print all the research I found . Type in Google complications associated with carrying a sickle cell trait. We are more at risk or damage to the kidney liver and spleen. As we cant give blood as we so call brake the machines this C shape isn't good for us and can cause sicklein and damage are organs,but cause pain episodes, trouble with anesthetic. My doctor never told me but when I see my urologist I'll have all the test done and ask lots of questions as I'm certain its my trait that has caused this. I'll get back in a few weeks and update. Start to listen to your body and fill your minds with knowledge xx

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I've been a blood donor in the past so it's not true you can't give blood. In fact they were happy to take my blood in two different areas of the UK.

If I hadn't first given blood at 19 I wouldn't have found out I had sickle cell trait. Both areas made it clear they still needed me to donate regularly as blood donations while used for blood transfusions are also used to make other blood based products.

I now can't give blood because it was found out I also have a condition of the white blood cells. This has seriously affected my health. Funnily enough doctors were happy to ignore symptoms and signs of this condition for years even though it was clear since childhood this was making me ill but they freak when they find I have sickle cell trait.


I'm 17 & I have sickle cell trait to . I have been told by many specialist that people who have sickle cell trait will have no pain . But, how can you tell me what's going on in my body it makes me sick because they go by their books instead of what I'm telling them .

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So sorry you're having to go through this. I was told the same thing. Continue to be your best advocate. Make someone listen to you.

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