So I found out I had the trait 2 years ago . I have been having stomach ache n joint n back pain also headache . Today I woke up with a lot of fatigue. Going back 4-5 years I have been seen Drs with stomach pains , I was seeing a gynaecologist after a laparoscopy she discharged me and referred me to a gastroenterologist who's has now done a colonoscopy and now awaiting an endoscopy. I have had ultrasound etc nothing has been found . So how do I get treatment if they can't diagnose me with anything . Am so miserable and fed up . I think m getting depressed now I can't do it any more help please .

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  • Have you got a full copy of your blood work? As well as a full blood count you need ferritin, vitamin D and vitamin b12 tests. Make sure you get a copy of the results from the doctor. Unfortunately some levels of ferritin (iron) and b12 doctors say are normal are too low so you need to in the top half of the range.

  • You have to find a hematologist and keep searching till you fine one who treats people with treat. Hydration is very important. IV fluids work wonders. And oxygen. Doctors are divided in their opinions on it but there is. Lot of research now showing that trait does has symptoms and can have crisis

  • also take folic acid daily. Noni juice from only natural inc has been helpful for me as well as green herb/juice. Start noticing which foods increase or decrease your symptoms. Avoid altitude, extreme heat or extreme cold or extreme exercis

  • Hi @Kaychi, Make sure your doctors know that you have SCT. Don't let them experiment. Take your health in your own hands and, if you have to, give them the information about how SCT can cause symptoms of the disease. Make sure you are well hydrated and you eat lots of green leafy veggies. Someone on this site says that beetroot is good to eat to help stay symptom free. Also, I have been trying to find out more information on redCel (Mirabel) Tea. That is also supposed to help, however, I need to know what the tea is made of....the ingredients.That would be good to know because people is always to make money off other people's problems.

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