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Life after a Sickle Cell Crisis

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I feel Strong today. It has been 19 days since my body went 12 rounds with me and I was admitted to hospital. This episode was the worst that I had ever experienced. In the past I have managed my condition quite well. I made sure that I had a calm life where I did not have to rush around. I kept away from the Rat Race as much as possible. When I felt tired I made sure that I had the option to lie down and rest and drink and keep warm. Therefore whenever I did have a crisis I would recover by the next day, but I could still take it easy and I maintained my health.

However this Crisis lasted for 9 days. In the hospital , I was taking morphine at first but I didn’t like the way that made my head feel. So I only took Paracetamol 500 mg, Ibuprofen 400 mg, and Dihydrocodeine 30 mg. Which quite frankly were more effective in dealing with the pain.

Then I had to take Folic Acid 5 mg and Phenoxymethyl-penicillin 250 mg. I stopped taking the penicillin after a week because I really don’t agree with that regimen for myself. I am trying to stick to taking my Folic Acid now as all my life I have managed without it. I didn’t take the Dihydrocodeine once I got home. I finally became pain free after 9 days so was able to stop taking the pain killers.

I have been regaining my strength and would say that I am about 85% there now. Next week I have to go to work for four days. I am going to have to really rely on Jehovah, and look after myself, in order not to relapse. I realised that this is being set off by my menopause systems -Hot Flashes. So I need to try and sort these out as soon as possible. Any Suggestions?

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I am glad you are feeling much better and I wish you an even speedier recovery. That sounded like a really intense crisis. I have been hospital admissions free for over a year ever since I started drinking alkaline water, it seems so simple but it has literally changed my life. I drink 4 liters of alkaline water every day and I would definitely recommend it!

Thanks for that tip I will check it out and see if it will work for me. Kind Regards

The Penicillin V and vaccine regime will keep you as infection free as possible. This is half the fight to staying crisis free, talk to your hematologist if you are not happy with the current regime, they might find something more suitable.

Hi Nicola B nice to meet you on the forum. Sorry to hear that you went through so much pain but glad you are pain free and that you were able to find a painkiller regime that works for you. I have never been that lucky. I have always had intense pain that even numerous doses of diamorphine which is stronger than morphine was required. My pain has never been able to be managed at home. My experience with people who can manage their pain at home has not usually been positive. Some of them are extremely judgemental believing people like me to either not know how to manage our pain, or just love painkillers. Thing is I think you are very lucky and I wish you well. Anzy spoke about the alkaline water but it wasn't for me because of my kidneys. I hope you find something that works for you especially since you believe it's menopause related. It's always lovely to see sickle cell patients your age as it gives a lot of hope. Good luck Nicola-BI wish you the best.

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Thanks Jo19 for your encouraging words. I have been quite healthy relatively over the years, fortunately. I believe it is because I have tried to really take it as easy as possible and rest every time I felt tired. I hope you too find relief. Kind Regards


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