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Ovarian cancer with no ovaries?

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Is ovarian cancer a possibility if you don't have ovaries? I have written before....i had a 10.5 lb benign tumor removed in June. The dr. also removed both of my ovaries. I have Ascites ( but do not know the cause) and right now at this moment I have pain in my lower left abdomen. The tumor was on my left side. On a scale of 1-10....I'd say the pain is a 4-5. Thank you!

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Ovarian cancer often starts in the Fallopian tubes so if these weren’t removed it is a possibility. Best wishes

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Ovarian Cancer is definitely possible without ovaries, it is called peritoneal ovarian cancer because it is the peritoneal lining of outside of ovaries & lining in the abdominal cavity. You can google ovarian cancer without ovaries & find explanation. I myself had & have ovarian cancer 14 years after an hysterectomy removing uterus & one ovary. Although one ovary was left, cancer was not in the ovary it was on the outside in the peritoneal lining. Be sure to have your doctor check your CA-125 blood test even if he says you don't need, You Insist! This is a tumor marker for ovarian type cancers & was detection for me. Hopefully you don't have cancer but definitely have your doctor do all necessary test. Good Luck!

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after having my ovaries removed ten years earlier. Turns out mine started on the peritoneum. The effects and treatment are exactly the same.

See your GP and ask for a CA125 blood test as soon as you can.

Very best wishes.

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That was my first question to the onc surgeon too! I can’t add any more to the explanation than what has already been given but was glad to see I wasn’t the only one to ask the question ! Good luck and CA125 is a good starting place.

Best wishes


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could also be diverticulitis. I almost went septic because i thought it was post surgical pain from hysterectomy and left ovarian mass. The timing and pain placement had me and ER docs thinking it was post surgical complications till the CAT scan came back. Apparently the nerves cross in a way to show lover left pelvic pain.

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Yes it is. It would be called primary peritoneal cancer, but it's still high-grade serous. The risk is much higher in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers.

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