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Bloated belly


Hi there! I am new to this site and I was wondering if anybody has experienced the following:

June 2018, I had a 10.5lb benign tumor removed from my left ovary. The doctor also took out both ovaries as well. Anyways, after the surgery I never felt better....that is until last week. It feels like I gained a massive amount of weight overnight. My belly is so bloated and heavy. I am overweight, but after my tumor removal I did lose some weight. Anyways, in the last week it's like all my clothes for really wasn't that way 2 weeks ago. My question.....has anybody had a benign tumor/ovaries removed only to get ovarian cancer still?

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Did he remove your fallopian Dr said my ovarian cancer started in my fallopian tubes

Target9850 in reply to Cynthia18

Now that you ask...I do not know. I know the Dr. left my uterus.

I would definitely make an appointment with a gyne oncologist to be sure. They should take a CA125. I had a type of ovarian cancer (same type cells) but I had no ovaries. It was in my peritoneal lining (stomach) and then attacked my colon, bladder, and omentum. This is rare and known as PPC (primary peritonel cancer). I had a complete hysterectomy prior due to endometrial cancer. 4 months later I was so bloated and constipated and I finally got a CT scan. They really dont know if the cancer started in the endometrium or the peritonel lining. I would not mess around if you are having symptoms. Listen to your body because you are your best advocate. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted and stay strong!

Do you have a CA125 and CEA blood test result ? You must get this test. You may have ascetics. Please go to a GYN-ONC. Keep us posted.

Xx Carol

Target9850 in reply to caf132

I went to the Dr.on Wed...I felt like I was wasting her time. She kinda seemed perplexed because I do not have any pain. She did look at one of surgery reports from June, and the surgeon did put in the report that I did have Mesio Ascites. I also have a few cysts on my liver but the surgeon said that is normal. My Dr does want me to get a CT of my liver and also bloodwork. Maybe I'm just fat and being a hypochondriac.

Kerrid17 in reply to Target9850

Don’t let them feel like you’re waisting their time, what you’re going through is real and scary. Please don’t blame this on being overweight or a hypochondriac, this is NOT your fault, you didn’t choose to feel this way. Way too many women are overlooked because they are dismissed or blame themselves

I'm surprised the surgeon did not do a full hysterectomy. It sounds like you are building up ascites which is excessive fluid in your abdomen. I'm overweight but noticed significant bloating of my stomach just before I was diagnosed with the cancer. After your surgery was there no follow-up chemotherapy scheduled for you? There should have been. It's not enough just to have the debulking surgery done. There is no way for the doctor's to be sure they got everything. Mine started me on chemo for 18 weeks about a month after my surgery. The words of my gyn oncologist were, "If we don't do the chemo, the cancer will come back." If you don't want to do chemo then at a minimum look into what holistic things you can do to prevent recurrence.

Target9850 in reply to Lobster2

My tumor was I wouldn't have to have chemo, would I? What was your diagnoses/treatment like?

I was told everything is/was benign. I feel like I am being a hypochondriac.

I didn't pick up on the fact that your tumors were benign. However, if you feel really bloated there may be something else going on. It sounds like fluid build up in your abdomen. Does your belly feel really tight? If it does then it's most likely fluid and something is going on that's making it build up. I had 2 10cm tumors and was stage 3C ovarian cancer. I had surgery in December 2015 and started 18 weeks of chemo (2 types) about a month after the surgery. Please don't think you are being a hypochondriac - you know your body and symptoms better than anyone.

Bloating can be the symptom of many different things.

1. Did you get a CA-125 blood test?

2. Was the omentum removed in your surgery?

Target9850 in reply to Figs2020

I believe I had the c-125 back in June and it came back with no findings. I have to wait until my insurance kicks in again in February before I can see the Dr. that removed my tumor. I really hope I am not overanalyzing things....i do not have pain but my belly is sooooo ginormous...I walk like I am pregnant and I am super self-conscious of the way I look. I am probably just a fat ass and Im sure there is probably nothing serious. I do have a question.....does ascites ever decrease? I feel like I could pop. Thank you!

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