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Increased inhibin b levels


I was diagnosed with granuloma cell cancer as my type of ovarian cancer 4 months ago. I had a complete hysterectomy including removing my appendix and part of my abdominal wall 3 months ago. At that time lymph nodes were removed and it appeared that all the cancer had been removed. My inhibin b levels were 7 when released from the hospital. My 3 month check my inhibin b levels rose to 44. My doctor didn't think the test was correct so we retook the blood test. Within a week and a half the level went up from 44 to 54. I've done my googling with no luck in finding anything that says why the levels have gone up being I had a complete hysterectomy. Doctor ordered a CT scan but have to wait for insurance to preauthorize it before it can be scheduled. So in the mean time, anyone in the same boat as me have any insight?

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I had a granulosa cell tumour that was removed intact when I had my hysterectomy and oophrectmy. I have only had one inhibin test since and they said it was fine but didn't give me any sort of number. I'm not much help, really, but hope they can sort this all out for you.

Love and prayers


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