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I'm 43 and just had a complete hysterectomy a month ago due to the findings of a rare ovarian cancer. I fall in the 2% that has to have it all removed and cannot take HRT or ANYTHING with estrogen in it. Yes, I'm going there...I'm single...I'm scared to death the I've lost my sex drive forever with no treatment to help me. Anyone else in my shoes? I don't have the slightest interest in sex anymore either.

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Hi Julie,

That's a lot to handle in the span of a month, so here's a big hug.

Lily Ann did a thread on sexuality a while back. If no one jumps in, I'll try to find the link.

But for you, for now, let your body rest and your mind catch up to all that's happened to you.


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in reply to Nancy222

Thank you. My mind runs a million miles an hour. I try hard to just relax but I'm sole provider for my 4 kids and myself. (No state help) I went back to work 2 weeks early and I know this should be the least of my worries is a concern. There's so little information for the minority who can't do the HRT or any estrogen. Thank you for the hugs.

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My goodness. Some people have way more on their plate than they should! Take care. XXOO

You are having a tough time. Hopefully your sex drive will return. You are quite young.

I have just read the discussion started by Lily-Anne a month ago, I don’t know how I missed it at the time it was posted. I hope you have picked up some useful info.

My only discussion about sex was with the chemo nurse who said don’t do it, you are full of poison. We left it for two weeks after each chemo and I didn’t do him any harm.

Re the dryness, somebody told me to use coconut oil. If you keep it in the fridge it goes very hard and easy to use. A small teaspoonful seems to do the job.

Hope that’s not too much information.

I hope everything gets to normal for you soon.

I’m in the same boat, my cancer was 80% estrogen fed. Uncommon supposedly...

I also will take an estrogen blocker for the rest of my life. I have been on it since last September. After 6 chemo treatments then surgery last June, and then 3 more treatments because I still had microscopic cells in the washings they took. I had absolutely no interest until a few months ago. But my sex drive did finally return.

May I ask what your diagnosis was?

Also, I didn’t have a tumor, my cancer was more cellular. I was diagnosed with PPC, Primary Peritoneal Cancer, stage III C.

I have been NED since February 2018.

Stay strong, mentally and physically. It’s the best weapon against this disease.



I had the same thing done a hear ago tomorrow. I remember being where you are. You will make it through I promise. Reach out it helps so much to have support.

Did you do anything? I'm reaching out to you guys. I have nowhere else to go for support.

I googled everything to expect so I knew i would lose my hair... Cut it short beforehand so it wasnt such an emotional loss. Then I shaved it when it started falling out. The infusion team at the cancer center became family to me. I still miss them!

I went to each doctor appt with all my questions written down.

I brought my tablet, favorite snacks, my favorite cardigan to chemo infusions to bide the time. I went with someone for tnt first I was so scared but most I drove myself to and from except for the last couple as those seemed to be the worst.

Asked for less steroids and accepted there might be consequences for that. I did fine and I slept better because if that.

Took my zofran faithfully every 8 hours and it helped immensely with nausea.

When the pain and nausea got to bad I accepted a small puff of thc oil from a friend (normally I hate the way it makes me feel but extreme circumstances call for extreme measures)

Took magnesium and adavan.

Small snacks throughout the day staved off nausea.

Expect the unexpected. My eyebrows and eyelashes fell out along with my toe and finger nails a month after chemo ended. I nearly had a breakdown cuz I didnt expect it.

Enjoy the little moments.

You will be humbled.

You will have a crash course in that and self acceptance

You will become strong and grateful and will eventually learn to see things with such clarity.

You will feel special. Because you are!!

Take slow walks. Alone and with friends.


It will go by even though you think it will never end.

Cry (get it out)

Sorry its all over the place. Like I said its a journey and you are at the start of yours.

You got this!

You also look like you got a good head (for the no hair thing)

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