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Sometimes, I feel like I don't have cancer, like when I have a great day. Other times, it feels like I am going to die. I had 2 weeks like that, last month. For 3 days, I barely moved by ability. Not for lack of trying. Then, day by day, it slowly got better. Makes me see glimpses of how bad it will get. Glad for the good and great days. This week has been good, not great. June 4, my new PCP and I start a fresh plan, together. Hopefully, my ovaries will be removed in Fall. I hope to continue herbal treatment through entirety. Praying for No Chemo. Wish me luck. And here's to praying for each of you. 🙏📿🥂 🦋🥀

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Hi ButterflyRoses Love,

I know what you mean about some days feeling like you have no cancer, other days the world weighs down on you.

What type of ovarian cancer do you have (if you don't mind me asking)? I only ask because the fall seems a long time to go without surgery. I guess June 4th will be an important day for you in terms of your treatment plan.

Good luck!


I have 4 kids, so it would be better, if I did what I can, when they are in school. My last Dr. Kept saying to come back in a month or give her a call. Never could contact her.


I understand. Treatment is never easy, and even more so when you have children.

Best wishes!

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