South Beach Diet and 7 Minute workout

Hi! I had scans done last week and one of my doctors (Quality of Life) suggested that I go on the South Beach Diet and do a 7 Minute workout video on You Tube for exercise. It's a cardio workout that when I did it yesterday has me in great pain today with sitting and walking..I know he meant well but I've gone from 208 lbs down to 190 lbs over the past 5 months and I cut out all flours, products containing yeast (it gives me open sores if I eat anything containing yeast), and for the past 6 weeks I did what he asked and didn't have any processed sugar, allowing for a 'treat' if I want one, once a week. I was hoping that exercising even a little of this challenging video wouldn't have hurt me like it did..and now, I just want to return to walking! Any recommendations on what would be a good exercise regime? My scans showed my stage 4 high grade serous carcinoma (fallopian tube) and the stage 2 Non Hodgkins (all places) are below 8mm, with many small 2 and 3 mm nodules.

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  • For how long did you walk, when you walked? A 30-40 minute walk on a regular basis is an excellent exercise. You could also try swimming or maybe yoga which has the meditative effects as well. Also, were the pains you felt muscle pains from using muscles you hadn't used in a long time? That happens when you exercise muscles you are not used to using.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  • The muscles that really hurt were my thighs which didn't hurt when I walked..I also don't know if the cardio was just too much but today, I did find wonderful beginner videos on You Tube for Zumba and then a fitness plan for walking which is a step by step video that incorporates walking, sidestepping, and a few other simple steps that made it very doable and lots of fun! Thanks for your reply! After 18 rounds of chemo and 7 rounds of immunotherapy, I am thinking my body is adjusting...

  • I like the Mediterranean diet. South Beach is tough for me. 30 min walk is great. You could. Also try rubber bands for lean muscle building a lot of the exercises you can do from a chair. I did rubber bands throughout my chemo to keep from losing my muscles. Swimming is great, a lot of gyms have water exercise classes. Best wishes for a full recovery. Liz

  • Liz, thanks for your reply! I have rubber bands here from hubby's PT that he did for a few months..will have to look into videos on You Tube for that but I really do love the videos I found today on walking as an exercise/weight loss program and also the Zumba videos..loved it!


  • Great, I was able to work my arms chest. They are not as large of muscle groups but will help you tone. Also as you walk you could get small 1 pound weights to carry and work your arms as you walk. You'll burn more calories. You will be sore. Eventually it will be easier. Look into I believe it is msm it's a powder sold in gyms as a muscle recovery enhancer . I used it when I was training for the Susan g Komen 60 mile walk. Best wishes, Liz

  • Thanks for the encouragement! I am continuing to plod through the diet and taking a break the 7th day as the doctor's going better since I found exercise YouTue videos with Leslie Samsone that I can actually exercise to without feeling like I can't move afterwards! A 60 mile walk!!! Wow! AWESOME!



  • Stay on the South Beach diet- it really works and low sugar. Maybe just continue walking instead of throwing yourself into cardio right away without working up to it? As you continue to lose weight you will feel better and better and your mood will improve. Your joints take a beating if carrying too much weight on them and the chemo is not helping. You can do this! Keep up the good work and let us know how you get on.

    Are you on chemo right now?

    Xx Carol

  • I have had 18 rounds of chemo and 6 of Avastin..last Avastin was March 30th but that's very different for my body than the chemo! I didn't have a whole lot of side effects..just the achiness in my body.. Thanks for the encouragement! I am keeping on the diet as much as I can and also doing YouTube walking videos with Leslie Samsone..she's great!



  • Hi Lynne - I will have to check those workouts out. Thanks for the you tube advice.i am on South Beach diet modified also.

    I finished my chemo October 2016. Hoping to stay Ned. I did well

    On chemo but foot neuropathy is still jus bad. Stay in touch!

    Xx Carol

  • That's great keep up the good work. Have a great day, Liz

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