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BRCA negative but want to try Lymparza ...Olaparib

Since my 4 th recurrence carbo helps until I go off it and then my scans not good and Ca 125 climbs high. Worried about options when I become resistant to carbo. Not sure if it is in best interest to try Lymparza for at least 3 months. Prone to bowel obstructions ... 4 th recurrence since 2013 when diagnosed. No trials here that meet my criteria. Wonder if trying Lymparza will make my ca cells more virulent. Hard to decide. My oncologist is great but doesn’t know the answer. Maybe best to try Lymparza while carbo still “ works “ while on it monthly. Anyone have success with Lymparza when BRCA negative ?

This posting is new to me and don’t want to be repetitive! Thanks for support!

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You can go through these articles.

New Biologic Frontiers in Ovarian Cancer: Olaparib Update

(AJHO. 2016;12(11):14-22


But probably u will not get any support from AZ. Its a costly medicine. So weighbenefits/risks first. Thanks

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Thanks so much. I will look at them but probably won’t help me here in BC


Ask your Doctor about Niraparib instead if you are not BRCA positive. There is also a lot of patient support from this company.


Dear Sandy, Is there any way you can get a second opinion? Swedish Cancer Care in Seattle ( even a phone consult might help) has clinical trials for Lynparza and other meds; the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research does many. It's done through the True Family Women's Cancer Center. That's where I go. My doc is Dr. Fer (pronounced Fur) his office # is 206-860-6488. Tell them I recommended them to you. My name is Margaret East.

I pray you will find an answer somewhere! I know what it's like to be platinum resistant, and went through it for 6 years (the first two were at a different clinic, closer to home). My heart goes out to you! May God keep you close! Love, Margaret💖


Ps. I agree with Neegs! Niraparib has been very beneficial for non BRCA women. I think they use that at Swedish, too; I've met several enthusiastic women on it.

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I meant Zeegs. Sorry!


Thanks Margie and Zeegs. I would love to try the Niraparib instead of Olaparib. I can only get Olaparib (Lymparza) here in BC though.

I would have to pay thousands out of pocket and obtain in another country. Our chance for longer survival really seems to depend where one lives. Our centre and oncologists in Victoria iand great but they can only order what is ok with FDA in Canada.

I have been on and off carbo for almost 5 years. As long as I get it monthly it is keeping me stable but soon I will become resistant and then apparently the other chemo drugs don’t work as well. I don’t really know when I can say I am resistant to carbo since it only seems effective while on it. When I go off my Ca 125 starts rising in 3 months I am thinking that if we were just starting our ca journey in the next year there will be more options. Thanks for caring and advice though.




Hi Sandy - Are you BRCA +? My sister lives in BC and is trying to get on olaparib but insurance won’t cover because she is BRCA-. It will cost $9000 month and they can’t afford it. She is in a panic because her CA has recurred. New evidence shows it’s effective for BRCA- . Any suggestions we’d really appreciate.


Hi Sandy

I think olaparib and niraparib work about the same for brca negative people. There are other drugs approved in Canada besides carbo.


There is at least a subset of BRCA negative high grade serous ovarian cancer survivors who respond to PARP inhibitors like olaparib and niraparib. While I have not been on either, I have known people who are/were on them. For some they used it like a maintenance drug to keep their disease stable or in remission for extended periods of time. Best wishes. Gwen


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