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Ca 125


I know I’ve asked so many questions lately but I’m so worried . My first 2 chemos went great and ca125 levels have been going down . I got my blood work done and I’m anemic I had to have a transfusion. I see my doctor on Wednesday . She is going to do some more blood work like my ca125 . This is the question , Can my ca125 still have gone down even though I’m anemic . I haven’t had it down since my last chemo February 28 th .

Thank you

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First of all, know that this is a safe place to ask any and as many questions as you need/want to ask. Second, yes your CA125 can continue to come down independent of what your RBC's are doing, aka whether or not you are anemic.

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Thank you Gwen :) I know I have asked so many a questions and I appreciate your support . I realize there will be bumps in the road and I just have to get through this . I was just feeling so good until a couple of days ago . My oncologist said it can hit you all at once . Thank you again for your support .

The same thing happened to me through treatment. Although the chemo kills the cancer cells it also does a number on your bone marrow. Typically if you take a break from chemo or when your treatment is over those numbers should bounce back to normal. Blood transfusions, although sounds scary, can be so helpful in making you feel better when anemic. Good luck 🍀

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