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My mum

My mum had a follow up and dr said that they wasnt gunna do the surgry but why tell my mum that u was? Giveing people false HOPE. Hes going to have a meeting with speacial people and they will make their dissition about it. Really thought things where looking up mums chemo was working and cancer was shrinking cant believe they are gonna give up on my mum shes got another meeting 8thdecember. 43years of age cant live wihout her n the thought of her dieing changes my mood. Dontt want her to die life wouldnt be the same x

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I am so sorry you and your mother are going through this. Is it possible for her to get a second opinion?


Yes life won’t be same. But what really important is the here and now.

Use the the wisely while you still have her.

Stay strong



Exactly why was he not willing to do the surgery? I think you need to follow up with another Surge and my guess is he didn't want to hurt his success rate some surgeons are not really there for the patient as much as you would


HycGJ, I realize your post is a month old, but you should get a second opinion for your mother's current condition. If possible, find a doctor who will FIGHT and ADVOCATE for your mum. Don't let them fob you off and dismiss you and your mother. Doctors make serious mistakes and they don't necessarily admit they've been wrong. So find a gynecological oncologist to advocate for your mother.


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