What can u do when there doesn't seem to have a way to cure

What can u do when there doesn't seem to have a way to cure

I have been to 3-4 doctors to try to get a way of a cure to try to take my reoccurrence ovarian cancer because they tell me chemotherapy treatments r going to keep putting in the hospital with low blood counts they try pills they didn't work and I had three rounds only of chemotherapy gotten sick so they lowered the doses it didn't do anything so I waited 3 months while they said remission but then 3 months later they grew again my granalosa tumors grew again so I can't believe they can't figure out someway to shrink theses tumors to disappear from my body GYN said no surgery I'm not a candidate for surgery because I have my stomach and intestines rerouted by gastric bypass surgery in 2005 . So I'm in a Dilemma

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  • Were you seen by a gynecological oncologist? There are many options. Where do you live? Are you in US? I had a brilliant surgeon in Seattle, WA USA

  • Yes I was seen by three of them they all say no surgery so medical oncologist said no chemotherapy treatments and I said what can I do she wanted me to go again for second opinion I toll her again I getting sick of this because they all say the same thing no surgery what does medical oncologist say I feel they're just passing me around without any good answers. Yes I live in STATENISLAND,N.Y./

  • Do you have a cancer center near you? I do not understand why they won't at least give you chemo. I had Intraperitoneal chemo directly into my abdomen.

  • Yes it called the nailitt institute on 256C Mason Ave STATENISLAND ny 10305 I thank u I'm going to ask my medical oncologist about that chemotherapy treatment in the stomach to see if she thinks it might work for me please I hope I m praying this is an the answer for me

  • lockup, you can also get a consultation from The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance by contacting them and sending your records. They are EXCELLENT, world class cancer center. There's also MD Anderson in Texas. Don't take No for an answer. PM me for the name of my surgeon in Seattle. He specializes in advanced OC cases and is a very Bold surgeon.

  • Since you live on Long Island, you have access to some of the best gyn/oncs and medical oncs in NYC. Sloan Kettering is where I go, but NYU and several other centers have excellent doctors. It might be that if you go to one of the big centers they may have a clinical trial that would be appropriate for you. Sloan does genetic testing on tumors and if you are a match for one of their "bucket" trials, it might be a really good opportunity. Bucket trials are ones where patients are matched with other patients with similar genetic mutations rather than necessarily with those with ovarian cancer.

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  • Yes u r right but I live on STATENISLAND not Long Island I did go to sloan Kettering but I wasn't excepted because my insurance didn't take it and then I want to NYU I saw Dr.Stephanie Blank and she gave some pills versus chemotherapy but they didn't work so then I went back to my cancer treatment hospital and had chemotherapy call Carboplatinum and Texoal but that had to be cut down after 3 treatments out of 6 I finished all 6 I was supposed be in remission but not one Strunk so the doctor said she'll watch it for 3 to 6months and go from there but in 3months one of the tumors grew a little so she said go for 2nd opion I said i did from the first option from I was told to do chemotherapy treatments first so u told me to get a 2nd option which I did taking the pills first which didn't work now I came back to my first option and we did the chemotherapy treatments and that didn't work either then she said go back maybe clinical trails she might have I did only because I was forced to go back I had a problem with the office secretary I was away in Massachusetts an I got a phone call telling me that Dr. Stephanieblank didn't want to see me anymore I said why I thought she had big plans for me she asked me if I needed surgery I said no two OBGYN said no surgery for me especially dr. Blank so she said that why she doesn't want to see me and she a surgeon and if you had to have surgery then she'll work with u so that why doesn't want to see u anymore..so I said I just can't believe it so I hung up in disbelief so I call my insurance company nurse to tell her what just happened because she helps me gets Certain things done when I have problems getting through to my doctors or for specialty items any kind of supplies and she couldn't believe it either so she said she was going to call the doctor try to talk to her to find out why

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