Fluid draining from Rectm

Has anybody experienced fluid with a small amount of feces in it drawing from your rectum when you get up and walk around. It's not diareah but just small bits of feces or just fluid. I had hysterectomy in 2013 been through all chemos. Still have small tumors. But waiting for some clinical trial to open that I can get in. Please answer if you know what I am talking about or have experienced this


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  • Could this be a fistula? This doesn't sound right. When was your last colonoscopy?

  • I think you need to make your doctor aware of this.My sister had this happen,but she was draining from her belly button,and it was a fistula.

  • I think I am experiencing the same thing but wasn't sure if it was my diet or what. It starts with a feeling that I have not completely emptied out after a bowel movement but I know I am done. Then afterward, I experience exactly what you have mentioned. I first thought it was happening if I was passing gas, but that is not the case either.

  • Thanks for your response. I have been constipated on an off since I have taken so much chemo so I believe this fluid is coming from muscles being destroyed. That chemo just destroys your body. Have a blessed day


  • I had this drainage you speak of when I had a blockage.have you talked to your dr.? I went to e.r. because I couldn't pee either they did a cat scan and saw it was a blockage of hard poop

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