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Just had a total lap hystrectomy after staining then bleeding (had to shop for sanitary pads again). Had many huge fibroids, thought that's why. Doctor found golf size mass right ovary. Path did a frozen section, looked good. 2 weekd postup doctor told me it was ovarion cancer.1c stage one doctor told me. Was in SHOCK!. What should I expect?

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  • You are "lucky" that it was caught so early. Did your doctor recommend chemotherapy? Prognosis at Stage 1C is quite good but chemo is usually recommended. Chemo is tough but doable. I also had postmenopausal bleeding, many fibroids and a golf ball size tumor found during a hysterectomy. But I was staged at 3C. Had 6 rounds of chemo, taxol and cisplatin (intravenous and intraperitoneal). That was 4 1/2 years ago and I have been fine since. Good luck!

  • Thank you fingers crossed! My surgeon gyn oncologist said we can wait on chemo for now--do scans, tests don't know what they do--come back in 3 months but I'm scared. What are some questions I should bring up? Thank you so much.

  • Why did the gym/inc want to wait three months before deciding on chemo? Did they do a CA125 blood test? Before or after surgery? Sounds as tho Dr waiting to see scan and CA125 marker before decision chemo. The handful of people I know at Stage 1 have had chemo. I would be included Ned to get a second opinion.

  • Thanks DSK-C Your opinion means so much. I'm scared I've had met. thyroid cancer so very depressing to me. I will ask these questions and get another opinion. God Blessings.

  • What makes you think you have mets to your thyroid? Make sure and bring up your concerns and fears with your oncologist. As others have said, someone with stage 1C has a good chance for a great prognosis. WIshing the best for you. - Gwen

  • Hi Gwen, sorry fell asleep still so tired. I've had 7 surgeries for thyroid cancer over 20 years still there-no cure. Thanks for your encouraging words, glad to know others care!

  • I'm so sorry you are having to deal with a second primary. Hopefully, your journey will ovarian cancer will fare a bit easier than the one with thyroid cancer. Hugs - Gwen

  • Buttons-557, I too have been dealing with thyroid cancer for the last 5 years and then last year the Ovarian 3c. I understand you being overwhelmed. I have shared my concerns and patterns that I have seen with many women with Thyroid cancer treatment and later having OC. My endourologist agrees and is going to share this info with others at a national meeting. So maybe the tide will start turning on this disease. For me getting my thy meds under control was harder than the chemo aspect of OC. Hang in their girl, we are with some of the greatest folks in the world fighting this together.

  • Thank you for sharing. I had a radical neck discection my last of 7 surgeries so far (no more I hope). I'll keep you all in my prayers, thank God I found you all!

  • My Dr is very aggressive, my chemotherapy started 4 weeks after second surgery and debulking. Don't be afraid of chemotherapy it's doable way different than years ago. Less side effects. I would get second opinion. Waiting isn't always on our side. Best wishes.

  • DSK -C I know the prognosis isn't good for stage 3 C ovarian cancer. Thank you , for the encourage and hope with this terrible disease.

  • Fortunately, more and more women are surviving for longer periods of time. Some with recurrences and some remaining NED. There are new drugs for recurrences.

  • Wow, didn't know any of this. My love goes to all of you couragious warriors!!!

  • Happy to hear your doing well. I am also 3c, I have clear cell. 2014. IP and IV chemo 14 rounds in 18 weeks. No reoccurrence to date, thank God. You give me hope.

  • Good luck and please keep us posted.

  • I sure will ! So happy you are doing well !!

  • May I ask, was it a gynecologic oncologist that did your surgery?

  • Hi Gwen catching up on responses. Yes female OB GYN oncologist surgeon.

  • That's another plus in your favor. Surgeries done by a gynecologic oncologist have better odds of having a good outcome. - :) Gwen

  • My Dr is also a female obgyn surgeon! She totally saved my life. I asked her what treatment she would do if she was in my shoes. That's the plan I've been on. Cancer free since. By putting my trust in her through my surgeries I felt totally calm. Chemo a little nervous, I know it sounds strange. I put it in God and her hands. I know I'm lucky I have a great DR. Best wishes to everyone. Hugs too.

  • Lots of hugs---thanks for sharing. Gods Blessings!

  • Buttons-557 Welcome to the site . These cancer survivor are wonderful they have great knowledge to answer any questions or point you in the right direction. God Bless, keep fighting .

  • Thank you for being there for me!!!!

  • Six rounds of carbo and taxol. Then a scan. That's the protocol. You should do fine since you are stage one. Hang in there. What is your CA125

  • Actually the protocol for Stage 1 doesn't necessarily require chemo. It will be interesting to see what your doctor says. - Gwen

  • In England the protocol for Stage 1 C is chemo. It is only stage 1a and stage 1b where it is not considered to be needed. Buttons said she was staged 1C so in England chemo would usually be the way to go.


  • Hi Petrolhead and Gwen HP--I was going to oncologist before staining and bleeding began for my met thyrod cancer they've been monitoring my thyroid cancer. I'm going to him on May 3rd for his opinion now that this cancer was found. Would like his opinion now that I have a second type of cancer arise. Wish me luck, I will keep my sweet friends informed--a little depressing but we are warriors--love you all!

  • Hi Belsie--really don't know-thanks for your input, I'll call doctor's office to find out.

  • It's scary, we've all been through this. After you heal to get the Free radicals your doc might want you to have chemo. Relax wait and see. Your 1c, I'm 3c. I'm still here. Diagnosed 2014. If your Dr is good they will explain everything. Keep us informed we. Can help you. We are a team of survivors. Between everyone on this site someone has gone through what you are now going through. Everyone has their own journey. But there is strength In knowing your not alone. I recently found this site. In 2014 everything was breast cancer. Through this site I know if I have a reoccurrence I have friends out there. So. Know you have friends and your not alone. Best wishes always.

  • Thank you Lizchips I'm so thanful for finding you! I'll keep you all updated, promise xxoo

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