Just saying hello

Just saying hello

Hi ladies, I am currently undergoing treatment for a recurrence of ovarian cancer. The first chemo knocked me for a loop, but it hasn't been too bad with my last two. I do have neuropathy in my fingers, ( hooking my bra has become an Olympic event )any suggestions to help ease the symptoms?

I try to keep a positive attitude and find the humor in the process. Most days I succeed. This is me all hooked up and ready to blast some cancer cells. They really don't hang me from the ceiling, It keeps posting it upside down! Anyway, you get the idea of who's behind the post!

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  • You have a fantastic attitude and sense of humor. I named my tumor Ripley from alien movie. He was two lbs. It's funny how everyone copes differently. Stay strong and positive you are beautiful and keep smiling.

  • Try an amino acid called L glutamine for the neuropathy. It is in pill form and you can get it on line or at health store.

  • Thanks, I will look into that! Some days it is like I don't have fingers on the ends of my hands. It usually gets worse as the day progresses.

  • try icing your feet and hands while receiving chemo. I have zero neuropathy!

  • onelittlestone, please, please have them give you ice bags to put on your hands and feet. I did that for 34 weeks of chemo to my hands only. It didn't even occur to me to do it to my feet. I have ZERO neuropathy in my hands, NONE. My feet, a tiny bit. During treatment I also took 14 grams, about 3 heaping teaspoons daily, of an amino acid called L-glutamine and that also played a key role in reducing the neuropathy. You'll do great!!!!

  • Thanks for the info,I hadn't heard about the ice bags. I will ask for some at my next treatment!

  • You said it!!! Humor is the best cure. I have neuropathy in my feet but from my Lupus. Learned how to manage that so cancer? Chemo isn't forever and the cancer will be gone. The neuropathy is still going to hang on but I've made adaptations like only wearing Clarks sandals. LOL carry on.

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