I have a question these past few days I've been having a tightness in my neck feels really sore even hurts to swallow it's not so bad during the day just mainly at night can anybody help me is this normal. I have had a line before and I never felt like this it hurts to turn my neck even to swallow anything on one side of my neck where the line is feeling swollen.

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  • You need to call your team, don't leave these symptoms, call as soon as you can. Get checked out

  • That doesn't sound like any of the common side effects I'm familiar with. What chemo are you currently on? I would definitely call my doctor to get it check out.

  • I am on three different ones carboplatin,Taxol,Avastin i get them all at one time once every3 weeks 6hrs

  • You really need to speak to your medical team, you could possibly have an infection if there's swelling at the port site and it needs checking out asap, ❤xx Jane

  • Thanks will do 👍👌😳😘

  • I had the same symptoms for couple day then developed a 100.7 temp. Dr sent me to ER. I had a blood clot at port. Call DR asap.

  • Ok thanks so very much I left message waiting on response back... last night was terrible just so so tender and sore but no fever ...

  • You need to see your Dr. If your not afraid of needles get your port removed. I have horses and therefore play in the dirt. I opted for no pick line only had port attached to rib cage for stomach wash chemo. They could not draw blood from my port. I would definitely see your Dr. Blessed wishes. Liz

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