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Psychotic condition

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Hi to all,

Thank you so much for all for your lovely answers.

Feeling fine today- another good day...

Yet, was in hospital for about 10 days for some kind of schizophrenia condition very severe - my husband thought I would have to be looked up in psychiatric hospital.

I was attached for 1 or 2 days speaking absolute nonsense.

I had MRI and Lombard punction- both negative, no brain metastasis.


Really scary.

Makes me smile now I'm out of this, but still scary.

I completely lost my mind.

But, I seem to be lucky once again, cause it all came back.

I have been prescribed more drugs in small quantities....

Just don't know what more to say...

Feeling fine, but what next?

Cheers to all,



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Omg Lucie. So glad you are home and feeling better.


Wow, that must have been so frightening for you and your husband!

Are you saying that they don't know what triggered this episode? It's great news, obviously, re: clean MRI but it still leaves you wondering what the heck happenbed! Is it possible that it was related to some of the meds?

In any event, I'm glad you're feeling better...



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13plus in reply to LynnFish

That's what I was wondering!

I’m sorry. That is frightening. I’m grateful you are home. I hope you are being cared for

That does sound so scary! Your hubby must have thought he lost you!

So sorry to hear this. We never know what our bodies have in store for us. Glad you are home and doing better and hopefully that won’t happen again. Good luck!

Lucie, hard to know what to say but so impressed with your upbeat tone and positivity having faced all that recently

Wow! Totally frightening. So glad you came back to normal. Did they give you anything in the hospital to help things?

Cheers, June S.

Are they continuing to investigate the cause or are they just chalking it up to one more side effect? Were the scans done before the onset or after? Do you yourself have any sort of inkling as to what brought it on? Having had such an extreme mental disturbance must be very worrying. I hope that that is the end of it all and that you are able to put it past you.

Lulu I get what you mean about smile about it now that it is over. My mother in her early 80s who was still very with it mentally suddenly started acting bazaar. My sister and I thought she had gone nuts the stuff she was saying and doing. We took her to the emergency room they found out she had UTI. And that was causing this. After that My sister and I would try to explain to our other siblings who live out of state what she was like and we and they would end up laughing. It sure wasn't funny at the time but as long as things where ok now we could laugh. I do hope they check into what the cause of your episode was so they know what to do to prevent it happening again. I feel bad for your husband having to go through that as I do for all our husbands dealing with this cancer crap. They feel so helpless and no one likes to feel that way with someone they love or anyone for that matter. Take Care and let us know what they find out .

That exact same thing happened to my 83 year old mother. I thought she had a TIA/stroke. She couldn’t speak clearly, she had awful nightmares, etc. Now, anytime that happens to anyone I say, check for a UTI infection first. It’s odd that the medical staff didn’t do that until I asked.

I guess they make more money on brain scans 🙄.

Glad you’re feeling better now.


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JeniMcC in reply to Justme153

I have heard from several friends who are hospice nurses that UTI can cause this type of episode as well. Haven't heard about immuno-compromised people specifically having an episode. You must be exhausted, Lulu4545. Many blessings to you and your husband!


Dear Lulu, I am so sorry that you and your husband had to go through such a scary situation. I am glad you are okay now and hope that something like this never happens again to you. Sending hugs.

Omg I am so sorry this happened to you. Sending a virtual hug to you.

Glad to hear you are feeling better .

That must have been so scary. Glad you are feeling better.

Hi Lucie, How scary! Especially if they can't find what triggered that episode. So glad you're home and doing better.

My Mother started having severe mood swings shortly after starting on Ibrance so I thought there might be a side effect happening. I sent emails to her GP and ONC telling them what was going on. Her ONC had his nurse call me within an hour of getting the email, and she said "your Mother has a severe UTI and you need to get her to the emergency room now". Antibiotics took care of it, although she went through 3 rounds of different Antibiotics before it was cleared. Her mental state returned to normal within the first couple of days. This happened 2 years ago, and she's been fine since then. She does now have a tremendous fear of getting another UTI knowing the danger of it going septic. She's much more careful about getting enough fluids now. She also went from not really liking her ONC to loving him, as she believes he saved her life that day.

Thanks for reminding us how UTIs can have mood ramifications. My aunt experienced this as she aged. Good to remember

How terrifying! I'm glad you are home and feeling better.

Besides a diagnosed UTI, dehydration can also do strange things to your brain. I think that I will go and pour myself another glass of water . . .

That happen to my moms friend and she is a lady who has a very sound mind. However when she got BC and the started her on hormone pills she had a episode like that and they committed her for a few weeks. It's the meds I think. You are NOT CRAZY. You have a sound mind! In Jesus Name! Be at Peace my friend!Michelle

I haven't been that out of touch with reality, but I've had some pretty nutty behaviour at times, especially recently. So hard to know what new symptoms/side effects are caused by. My mother died of lung cancer a long time ago. She was in the hospital for about the last two and a half weeks of her life and my brother and I were with her every day plus a couple of nights. One day she was very nutty. She stopped smoking as soon as she was diagnosed but on that day, she was angry at me for taking her cigarettes away and kept insisting I'd put them in a dresser drawer where there was no dresser, nothing but blank wall. Cancer and cancer treatment can sure be hard on us! I'm glad you are feeling so much better. Reading all the comments here about UTIs is interesting and I am going to alert my husband to this just in case.........

Lulu, Just wanted to touch base with everyone else's concern and appreciation for letting us know what you have been through. I am hoping you and your husband can have some well needed respite and rejuvenation time now. Thanking you too for bringing to attention what can happen, be endured, and rise from.

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Many years ago I had a UTI, but no bizarre behavior. I'm glad you're better now. I think I'll drink another glass of water now.

Hi to all,Feeling fine today.

I believe my psychotic episode was due to several things .

Maybe UTI and different medications that don't match.

No one can really explain.

Doesn't make me feel good, doesn't give me much confidence.

I just don't know. I've always had a good brain and great memory.

Still have, well I think...

Problem, I even fell brighter than before the episode.

That doesn't make sense does it...

Yet, I'm more efficient and find lots of solutions to very complexe non-medical issues I had before.




Lucie, So glad that you are doing well, and grateful that you kept us posted here.

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