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In hospital


Called 111 as had a fever, coughing, fast heartbeat and low oxygen sats nurse practitioner said it sounded like I had covid, said you will have to get a test but you probably wont be able to get one for ages, she then put me on to Doctor in my area she said it sounds like you have an infection or sepsis so am sending ambulance on blues and two's, finally someone who actually connected my symptoms to my cancer and got a covid test as well. Now waiting for onc she will decide if I can go home, I'm really praying the sooner the better as one lady is shouting all day and night. They saw shadow on left side of my chest hoping its infection like they said I always fear the worst, praying

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Sending prayers and love!

Kiera49 in reply to Wintervt


Prayers please keep us posted. How scary for you.

Thanks I will

sending healing vibes and prayers

Kiera49 in reply to Nibbles2019

Thank you x

Hi Tracey,

Have you received the test results yet? I hope you don’t have Covid and will soon be discharged from hospital. Please take care and keep us updated on your progress.

Sophie 💐

Kiera49 in reply to SophSP

Hi now havent had covid results yet but blood test show slight infection, symptoms have improved a bit so dont think its covid, I'm praying it's not covid, we will see

SophSP in reply to Kiera49

I’m glad your symptoms have improved. That sounds promising.

Andersl in reply to Kiera49

Hello lovely, you must have been scared by the coughing and low sats. It can be a sign of covid or lung infection (eg pneumonia) amongst other things.

If it is covid (and I too sincerely hope its not) it seems your body is responding to whatever the hospital docs have given you If they are discharging you or are they referring you for other tests /elsewhere?

May your body fight off the unknown infection(?) soon though be vigilant and don't be afraid to call someone again if you start to go downhill.

Much love xx

Kiera49 in reply to Andersl

My oxygen sats are still quite low, they had shut two ward cos of covid so moved everyone to the other end of hospital and they wanted to get people out of hospital as early as possible and was still restrictions on visiting, but getting better now

Andersl in reply to Kiera49

You may be safer at home. I hope you have medication to continue your treatment/further improve.

If pneumonia, stay in bed at home and be prepared for a slow recovery. It can take months to get back to normal xx

Praying too, grateful they got you in though and are really checking things out. Will also pray that the lady stops shouting! :-)

Kiera49 in reply to MacroMom

Thank you, going to have chat with chaplain tommorrow

Sorry to read of your hospital stay, you're in the best place though to get checked over. Hope you're 'released' soon and feeling better x

Kiera49 in reply to cazlav

Thank you feel better than I did can go home just waiting for onc permission nurses have told her I want to come off xeloda

Sending healing! Keep us updated please.❤️

Thanks yes I will

Sorry you are in hospital but best place to be. Hopefully it’s not Covid

But just an infection that can be treated. Stay in touch


So sorry to hear you're in the hospital, and hopefully they'll determine what's wrong very soon. Thinking of you and sending good wishes!

Oh, gosh, how did I miss this post! I'm so sorry, that must all have been/be very frightening! I'm glad you're getting it dealt with and that you'll be able to go home soon! You must be exhausted....Please take care wand when you get a chance, let us know how you're doing...



Kiera49 in reply to LynnFish

Hi Lynn now home glad I wasnt in there too long oxygen sats are low but hopefully will pick up when I get rid of infection

Oh so very sorry to hear this. Praying that you will be discharged soon and that it’s not Covid. I’m going to start Xeloda Metronomic dosage soon. 500 mg twice daily with Aromasin. Have long have you been on Xeloda? Do you think it caused this infection? Glad to know you are feeling better but will keep praying for you to get well🙏. Keep the faith!

Kiera49 in reply to MyMiracle13

I don't think Xeloda caused it, this is my third cycle on 3000 a day not coping to well so going to ask her to give me something else

I do hope you're ok and can get home soon. Doing my healing skills session today, will keep you in my mind. X

I am with you in spirit!

Healing prayers for you. Surrounded by love and warmth.

Oh Tracey! How frightening! I'm glad you're feeling better and going home. Please keep us updated. You're in my thoughts! Andi

Hope you get well soon💕

Thinking of you. Take care

Hang on I there girl. Sounds like you are improving, so hopefully you can get home soon. Sending lots of healing vibes.

Clare x

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes hopefully out today,

Teddielottie in reply to Kiera49

Wishing you a speedy recovery with this infection . Have they said what may have caused it ? Take care ! x

Kiera49 in reply to Teddielottie

No hoping is infection and not colin cancer they did say infection markers were raised

So sorry Kiera. That sounds unsettling. Sending prayers.

So sorry to hear about your illness. Hoping you are soon home and can feel so much better.

You will be exhausted and probably sleep for days! That hot tub will be looking very good.

Cheers, June S.

Kiera49 in reply to 8576

Thank you

We and our spirits are surrounding you with loving thoughts and healing prayers. Keep up that wonderful attitude of yours even though you feel like shxx. .

Frances XXX OOO

Thank you x

Sending supportive good wishes your way. Please keep us posted. We all want the best for you

Sending prayers for healing 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻

I just got on the site. Not on much. I'm praying for you.

Positive & healing thoughts are sent your way .


Praying for answers & healing for you ❤️🙏❤️

Thinking, thinking thinking of you! I hope you are home and comfortable and cozy by now...

Kiera49 in reply to Topood

Not home yet but going home tonight with anti biotics

BellaE in reply to Kiera49

Great news you are going home.

Clare x

God bless you and feel better very soon!

Prayers all the way up!!

Praying for you.

Sending healthy wishes your way. I hope you will be home soon, and covid negative.

Hope you are home and feeling much better. These rising covid-19 numbers in the UK and US are frightening and didn't have to happen. I sincerely hope you don't have it and are feeling much better. Best wishes. Blessings Hannah

Thank you waiting for them discharge me apparently they have shut 2 wards because of covid, scary

In April I had a similar scare! Turned out I had inflammation of the lungs they believe from Verzenio. It took a long time to come to that conclusion. It went from concern that I had covid, to an infection and then to the final conclusion. I recommend you use a pulse oximeter to monitor yourself.

It took me a few months to recover. I'm having a PET scan in October. I hope it has resolved itself. Please feel free to reach out to me. Ultimately prednisone proved most helpful. Wishing you the best in your recovery!


Kiera49 in reply to Lokio

I use one every day anyway sats are still low but fever and heart rate are better, hopefully anti biotics will help

Lokio in reply to Kiera49

Sounds like you are on the right road! Wishing you ease and comfort in your continuing recovery!


Wildcat1 in reply to Lokio

I’ve recently been but on verzenio and I find myself out of breath and very fatigued since. I’m hoping it’s a reaction to the meds and not progression. What if any side effects did you have from verzenio.

Lokio in reply to Wildcat1

I was on it for around 6 months. It did help with attacking the cancer. I, however, had constant diarrhea and stomach pain. By April I had breathing difficulties and tachycardia. It took over a month for my onc to identify it as lung inflammation from Verzenio. I was off it for over 2 months, along with steroids for a month and it has helped. Now I'm on Ibrance and feeling well. I have a PET scan in October. Please talk to your doc about your symptoms.

My best,


Prayers for answers, solutions, and treatments that will get you home and back on your feet. Hang in there! Being in hospital is no fun, but I'm glad they took your symptoms seriously.

Prayer 🙏. I hope you’re better soon 😍

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and good wishes

I'm stressing that it has spread now, feel dizzy in mornings

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