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Aunt Svetlana (Beautiful Angel In Christ)

Hello! My name is, I will go by my nick name (Jo Jo)! Hope everyone here is doing well (or as I can imagine at times, as good as expected)... I am asking for support for myself. My Aunt Svetlana is just about the most bravest & strongest person I know. She had Breast Cancer about 12 years and was in remission until October of 2016. While in the hospital at that time, they removed quite a bit of fluid from her lungs.. Once she was out of the hospital, she began going to her doctor's appt. I'm not sure how it started out, if it was once a month 3 or 6.. She really doesn't talk about it much, so I don't ask. Our household is a family of 4. Three sisters (My mother, 2 aunts and me).. I call us the Golden Girls! : ) ! We are a very close knit Slavic family. My Uncle Todorikee passed (2016), My father, (Sanko' - 2017).. Now, as I said, we are the remaining family. I am so grateful to God of His unconditional love & for what He has blessed us to be so close and always there for each other.

I hope I am doing the right thing by posting a little history and also praying for some support about living with a loved one who has MBC.. I am trying to take one day at a time and live by the scripture "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it") and not go beyond today.. At times, it is extremely difficult for me.. (I have a form of OCD thoughts, Bi-polar Disorder, Depression and need a sleep aid every night)..

When I told my Aunt Sveta' about this site, she told me she honestly does not need it! I'm so glad she is so positive, but at the same time, I feel guilty that I have these melt-downs).. mostly when the doctor tells her something like "there is a slight increase, we want to watch it more closely".. (I never let her see me when I get the sometimes uncontrollable crying spells).. but she isn't stupid.. we all know each other too well..

Well, now that I have written a little book (sorry) I know I tend to go on. I pray that maybe we can all support each other with this dreaded horrific disease & I can keep staying positive as much as all of you beautiful ladies!

Praying always with God's Blessings and Almighty power of His Eternal Love!

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Your Aunt looks fabulous. Not everybody wants to go on a website like this, so just tell your Aunt it's like a group of friends with a close bond who chat about what is going on in their lives with MBC. She can post or just read the posts. I hear that you are feeling down and helpless about how you can help your Aunt. You're already helping her by being a strong presence in her life. Perhaps you would consider joining a caregiver's group -- for people who love and take care of people with cancer. Although your Aunt looks well and seems to be functioning independently, you could talk with other people's family members and learn how to deal with your feelings. A lot of hospitals offer caregiver groups. If you are in the NY area, SHARE might be able to help you -- give them a call. There is also a group Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Sometimes it's harder on the people close to us than it is on us.

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Thank you for your very encouraging and kind words! I am already loving this site for courage and support! I have given her information about this wonderful site, however, she tells me she lives one day at a time and is really fine with how she approaches her own thoughts and faith.. She is more quiet and reserved when it comes to health issues, unlike me.. I have the need to talk about it regardless if it is a family, friend or myself.. A bit of a chatter box, I am.. Again, thank you for all of your care and support.. I am always praying and thanking God for all the comfort, strength as well as helping me find such a great group of people here! God Bless! :)

Hi There!

Feel free to come here and let us know how u feel! It’s awedome to see how concerned u are about your aunt...But rest assured your aunt will get the best treatment when the time comes. There’s lots of new stuff out there but they are more conscious about not over doing it. Less is more is what I’ve heard especially with our senior citizens...

Praying for u guys!


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God Bless you for your encouragement, kind and thoughtful words! I hear about new meds all the time.. & so thankful for everyone as a blessing from God to have discovered this site with all of you wonderful, loving people! Praying & Thanking our Lord Jesus Christ always! :)

Your aunt is lucky to have such a loving and caring niece. Please come here whenever you need to vent, information on our experiences, etc. We are here to help and support each other. Best to you and your aunt and yes keeping your faith that God is working on our behalf helps.


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Thank you so much! GodBless you! Always praying & thanking our Lord Jesus Christ for His Love & guidance! Blessing to you my sister in Christ!

Greetings sister/over-comer your aunt is lucky to have you, and your surrounding family to support her. Your aunt has the same strength I had, and still have, but at the time unbeknownst to me my family members were crying when not in my presence. At that time I was okay knowing that this is just a journey, and not our destiny. Cherish the great memories, and the future memories. I had family crying for me when I finished my treatment. I thought wow I am not feeling bad, actually I was feeling pretty good, except for the horrible hot flashes, where the chemotherapy brought me into an early menopause. I thought I am not sick, or in pain, or in the hospital, nor am I laid out in a funeral home, or am I yet at the cemetery , why all the concern. I was prepared to meet my Lord. I prepared for my prognosis by an almost 40 year experienced Oncologist that said I wouldn't live to see 2009. I thought I am going to enjoy to the fullest the time I have left. Well I am still here communicating with you, and due for my 1 year tests, and scans, where they keep telling me with almost disbelief that I am still NED. Every time I have these test/scans, I don't worry, and I remember the Serenity prayer. I know God has afforded me 10 years the Oncology Dr. said I wouldn't have. God always has the last word, and my family, and friends are now even stronger believers. I am living my best life right now, I hope/pray you and your aunt will do the same, and that you all will have a Happy, and Healthy 2019 New Year. Amen, Amen, and yesssssss Amen XoXo

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What a positive and loving sister in Christ you are.. (My aunt, mom & I are about to leave for Bingo).. We sit with the same group of great & fun people who always reserve our seats. Living each day to the fullest in all aspects of life is definitely the key to a happy to happiness for us all! My aunt is an amazing and very strong person... I want to be strong and positive just as she is! Through this site and you wonderful ladies, I believe this is exactly the reinforcement I need for her, family and myself! God Bless you! Have a wonderful day! : )

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BTW, I seem to be the only one in the family who feels the need to share! They are very old school (strong private people) must be some of the slavic ethnic ways of growing up in Europe. : )

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Good morning again sister : We are all uniquely and wonderfully made. I use to be very quiet, and guarded my privacy. Our Lord has changed me to the point that I can comfortably now tell people the gospel, and my testimony. For me to serve our Lord, and Savior fully I had to ,and have to be able to communicate, by all means lawfully necessary. I no longer have a flip phone LOL, and I learned to navigate computers through free classes. Yesssssssssss I have emerged from the cave to the 2019 millennium. Otherwise I would not be able to make as big a positive impact on the world while serving, and glorifying our Lord/God. Praise, and prayer shall be in my mouth. God bless you, and your loved ones. Travel mercies XoXo

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Good morning my sister. Know this' iron sharpens iron". We are our sisters keepers, and of course our brothers also.

What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing!💕

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Thank you! I will keep praying & thanking for all of you strong & beautiful ladies!

Wonderful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful family. I am Christian too, just as you say, this is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. You will find good support here. I encourage you to reach out when you want, I am praying for myself and all others here.

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Than you SusieIM May our God continue to Bless you! Nothing is impossible for our God" In Christ Jesus Amen!

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Right back at you Susie M.. will all get through this daily! God Bless!

We will welcome her to our group and keep her as informed as we can. We are all pretty upbeat about our condition. We laugh together. Worry together, and try to keep each other going.

I hope she will share her thoughts with us as it is good to do.

You are very kind to worry about her in your condition.

I know what you are going through as my daughter is a single mom. She lives in the apartment above me and she also is bi- polar and has depression and a chronic pancreatic condition. She is often in the hospital. It is hard for her to worry about me when it is hard for her to help. But like you we are a close family and do our best to help each other. I don't tell her if I have a bad day as she has more than I do. Her little girl is 10 and is learning to cook shop and do what she can to help.

So take care of yourself too as I am sure that is what your aunt and family want. It is ok to be sad some days for are very lucky to have a good family as am I

Try to show her our sit she will also get a few laughs and know she is not alone.

God takes care of us all and we need to care for those we love. I am sure you are doing a great job.

This sit e may help you to understand mets as well and see your aunt will have options and be with you for a very long time.


Awe, thank you so much for your welcoming very kind words and encouragement! Yes, it is sometimes a little bit more challenging while fighting my own demons... but I am, by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ becoming a little bit stronger each new day. As I receive much encouragement and a more positive attitude from the help & knowledge of all of your blessings & from God above (to have found you and welcomed as part of your family.. God Bless you! As the scriptures says "We can do all things through Christ to they that believe".. Thank you Jesus!

Hello again! It's been a while since I have read or given any support and I'm sure many of us have our busy daily routines as well. Regardless, please know that I am thinking of you always! With that said, I really hope everyone is doing well!

l pray for us all to have a good new start in 2019! Susie is doing well so far and her next blood work is this Monday 2/3/19, after that she waits to see he doctor. I will let you know if there are any changes. I do continue to ask God in helping us all stay positive with our everyday life journey... Now, I am going to read and hope that I will be able to offer any advice, comfort and support to you beautiful people!

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