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Trying to get a handle on mbc

I have spent a lot of hours reading posts and trying to get a handle on my situation . I have become hypersensitive

To some chemo treatment. I have had allgeric reactions to my last two chemo pills . Afinitor and Ibrance.. Both have been stopped. I have not been on any treatment now for 3 months plus.. I did start flasdex 2 weeks ago . My wbc has dropped to 2. Never have I been this low. it seems that my bone marrow has been compromised. Just guessing .... I see my doctor on Friday . Has anyone have this happen to them ???? Shelby4now

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Hi there

Gosh good luck on Friday

I don’t remember anyone on here being allergic to these drugs...very bad luck for you though

My oncologist is happy if my wbc stay above 1 so I guess that’s really low

Sorry I’m no help but I at least can wish you well

Barb xx

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Reply white blood count and red blood count has been dropping significantly although they gave me a shot for the white and red my white has risen to 8 my red blood count is @ a 2.01. The dr is saying its the cancer and i'm telling her that my red blood count was fine until I started Ibrance and Letrozole but they know everything right??? As of now I'm on Gemzar chemotherapy iv drug and procrit to raise my red blood cells and will be checked in a week to see if my red blood count has risen any. I hope that things get better for you and I. Its a rough road...🙁


Keep fighting, you know your body better than the doctors. The meds definitely lower CBC numbers red and white!


I hope you have a good visit with your onc and come up with a good plan.

So sorry you are going through this! Damn cancer!

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It is very common. You will be ok ♡



I am allergic to faslodex? That is the suspect😳I have to take steroids before the shots along with antihistamines and Benadryl. I get hives all over my torso. Since it is working I have to continue. I carry an epi-pen also.

If your bone marrow is compromised what is the reason? I really hope they have a plan for you. I was on faslodex alone for over a year and tolerated it ok.

🙏🏻🙏🏻Sending prayers, hugs and love 💕


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Thanks for your responses. Met with my onc on Friday and we will continue with the faslodex. No chemo right now due to my allgeric reactions. She is going to monitor my blood every two weeks for 2 months If the counts continue dropping she will address at that time. When I take chemo pills orally my face and lips swells. Does anyone have this happen to them . Any suggestions????


I just have a hard time believing they can’t find something you are not allergic to. I’m allergic to taxol, been fine on others. Not a fan of giving medicine you are allergic to with antihistamines! In hospital allergic to dalaudine (?), their solution, keep giving it to me with Narcan. Need to fight for common sense.


It gets better. My allergist called me yesterday and now he tells me he thinks I'm hyper senitive and wants me to take the Ibrance in his office. He said I should get an allergic reaction within the hour. That has never happened with afinitor and or Ibrance it takes 2 to 3 days and then my lips and mouth starts swelling. I really don't like what he is suggesting. What do you think


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