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Does anyone experience pain like heartburn in their chest? This was this am before coffee even? I have this pain often but never before eating or drinking anything? Of course this could be bone pain, since the Breast Cancer metastasized in my bones. Diagnosis was April 2017.

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Yes. Every time I eat something acidic

rpeacock in reply to Annadm

And do you have pain like heartburn ANY OTHER TIME, other than after you eat or drink something?

Annadm in reply to rpeacock

No, not really.

Yes, It got so bad I am taking daily Prilocec.

Yes I get it especially after eating bread or spicy food. Both of which I love. I also get it real bad after having cream so......I’m now having Lactose free dairy products and it has really helped.

I have Omeprozole from my doctor but only take it when I know I may be eating something that doesn’t agree with me.

My meds are Letrazole, Denosumab, and Ibrance. I have HER2 Neg Stage 4 lung and bone Metastasis.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes

I used to get pain and heartburn. Now I take protonix and it helps. I can't eat anything spicy. Can't drink coffee!

Hidden in reply to mariootsi

No coffee. Wow. Funny thing is I never liked coffee and never really drank it. I was in my mid-30s and working at a large international law firm in NY and everybody there drank loads of coffee but I never liked coffee. Then in my mid-30s, a friend needed to stay at my apt. for about a week while her whole apt. was being painted. She is an avid coffee drinker and knew that I did not drink coffee, so she bought a small coffee maker, coffee, sugar, and 1/2 and 1/2. I then started joining her for a cup in the morning while getting ready for work more as a social thing. And then I became addicted to the caffeine. Now, no matter where I am I HAVE to have coffee in the morning otherwise I cannot even move. I only have a cup and a half in the morning and then never again for the rest of the day but if I don't have my morning coffee, I can barely move. I don't drink Coke or Pepsi either bc it has caffeine in it. So I always blame my friend for getting me addicted to the morning coffee.|

I have many friends that drink it all day, more than like 6 cups. UGH.....That same friend can have a cup of coffee late at night and still fall asleep within 10 minutes. LOL....I still do not really like the taste but now I need it to get moving in the morning. Good for you.

mariootsi in reply to Hidden

Well, I have a cup of tea in the morning! Without it, I'm useless!

See if any meds you take, either Rx or OTC, have heart burn as a possible side effect. I used to joke that it was 3 generations since any member of my family had missed a meal, but one of the meds I take for side effects causes heart burn, so I have the choice of stopping the side effect causing med, which is doing me alot of good, or taking Prilosec, which helps alot. There are also generic (cheaper) versions of Prilosec that work for me.

rpeacock in reply to PJBinMI

Good Idea. I will check on that

I use protonix in the morning and Tagamet at night. Works like a charm

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