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Verzenio vs Ibrance?

First time posting, glad to find you! Does anyone have experience with the CDK 4/6 inhibitor abemiciclib (Verzenio)? I just started Faslodex for recurring liver mets after 14 months on Letrozole. May start Verzenio or Ibrance next month. Thanks!

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Hi MacroMom,

Welcome! (and, as we always add...sorry you have to be here! )

I don't have experience with that combo, but here's what I know-(which is not a lot, sorry! )

I'm on Faslodex + Palbociclib (= Ibrance), after about 4 years on Letrezole + Palbo. So, like you, I am getting treatments from both categories...endocrine/ hormonal side (e.g. Letrezole, Faslodex...) and the CDK 4/6 Inhibitor side (this did not roll off my tongue/fingertips...I looked it up and believe it is technically correct, though..), like Ibrance/Verzenio/another one, the name of which escapes me.

Ibrance was the first one out, having been approved about 4 years ago. Then the other two were approved more recently.

From my limited "did-not-even-pass-high school-chem" understanding, they are fundamentally the same with some minor differences, e.g. one or two of them you take every day, whereas Ibrance is 3 weeks on/one week off...

I am finding the Faslodex combo to be much easier to take than the Letrzole combo, but even that wasn't bad. You can see on this site that the side-effects vary greatly by person, but fatigue is common, aches, and low blood counts, e.g. neutrophils/WBC. Many women feel nearly the same as prior to treatment and continue to live pretty normal lives...

I did want to get a response out to you...but I hope that someone with Verzenio experience replies... :)

p.s. you've found a good website here; great women; lots of different perspectives; good info and support!

Be well,



Thanks so much for your reply Lynn! Great that you have done so well for so long on Ibrance. I didn't have any issues with Letrozole but did it alone for 15 months before the liver mets started growing again. I've just had one round of Faslodex so far and aside from a little butt soreness no issues with that either. Next month I'll probably combine it with a CDK 4/6, just debating now about which one. Do I want diarrhea or low WBC? Such choices! My oncologist also told me about a new one coming out called Aplelisib that is specifically for people with a PIK3CA mutation in the tumor, which I have. Hoping that the side effects of that one are levitating, reversal of graying hair and increased patience! :-)


Hi MacroMom...i have the PIK3 mutation, too! I'm so excited about this new drug coming out...another tool in the toolkit...and, omg, I'm with you re: the side-effects! Thanks for the chuckle! p.s. if you learn anything more about the Aplelisib (gosh, another drug name I'll never spell right!), please share...I don't know if everyone's been tested, but a fairly high percentage of women w/ BC have this mutation....I had my genomic testing done through Foundation One, and insurance covered 100%...


Here's a link to the article my oncologist gave me about Aplelisib. onclive.com/conference-cove...

And yes, what's with these names? Do they stick their hand in a pile of Scrabble letters, pull out 8 tiles and arrange them in the least pronounceable order?


Hahahah!! that made me belly laugh!! Thanks!!


Hi Macro Mom,

I started on Verzenio and Faslodex when liver metastasis was discovered in October. My most recent PET scan shows that the tumors have shrunk remarkably and my oncologist is extremely surprised and pleased with the remarkable results. I hope this combination of drugs works just as well for you.

Good luck,



Hi Anna! That's great news, I'm happy for you! I'm hoping the Faslodex will shrink my liver mets back down, it would be great if it works on the tumor too. Did you have any side effects from Verzenio? I've heard that diarrhea at the beginning is pretty common. Weighing that vs the low white blood count with Ibrance.


I was on 150 mg Verzenio for 6 weeks. Simply could not handle it - side effects were too much for my system. Now on Ibrance and on house lockdown because of flu in our area and my low numbers..


Thanks so much for your reply. I've been wondering about the Verzenio side effects too, especially diarrhea. Seems the low WBC is very common with Ibrance too. We are faced with such difficult choices sometimes. I hope Ibrance is doing a number on the cancer though, that's the end game! By the way, I have bone broth every day because I have a lot of bone mets and am trying to keep the bones strong. I always make it with about 1/2 cup of dried Astragalus, a Chinese herb known to boost immunity. You can also get it in powders and capsules. I haven't even had a cold in the year since I've been adding it in and I'm around young grandkids a lot. Take care and stay well!

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Good for you! I am a big believer in Chinese medicine if you go to the right person--and that has to be a Chinese doctor trained in mainland China inaddition to your onco.


I am on Verzenio this is my first week and I don’t have diarrhea I have fatigue and nausea


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