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CT scan update after 6 months on Ibrance

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Good morning friends! I had a CT scan and results are favorable. Unchanged axillary nodes. Nodules in right lung slightly smaller from previous study. So nothing is growing. Ibrance/Letrozole seems to be working. I'm on my 6th treatment course, where the last Ibrance course was lowered to 100mg!

I am gradually changing my diet to vegan. I have been researching Dr. Michael Greger (nutrition facts) and he makes so much sense to me.

Anyone vegan only?

Virtual hugs to you all❤️

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Congratulations on your fabulous results! What a great holiday gift. Sorry no advice on the vegan aspect as I'm an all inclusive eater.


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Yes, the best Christmas gift ever! Thank you Sandra❤️

Congratulations! that’s great!

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Thank you:) ❤️

Good news. Merry Christmas to you!! I was trying the vegan route while trying to stay away from to many carbs and get my carbs from vegetables. I saw a naturopath about a month ago and she wanted me to add back in some animal proteins but only wild salmon or free range organic chicken. I have been doing that but try and keep it at a minimum. She did a ton of blood work that our oncologists don't do and I go back to see her today for the results. Check out Kris Carr's website if you haven't already. I got my inspiration to go vegan from her.

Congratulations! Great news! Enjoy your holidays and celebrate! Cheers to continued good news! Love, Marianne

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Thanks Marianne! ❤️❤️

Greetings: Sister/Warrior If you get a chance read this book called Blood Type/Body type diet by Joseph Christiano. You have to get the book that corresponds to your blood type. Years ago I, and everyone around me thought I was eating healthy. From reading this book I have eliminated a few foods, beverages, and supplements, and I have added some other great foods, beverages, and supplements. I do have a couple of cheat treats now , and then. When you read this book your eyes, and mind will be opened wide, and you will understand the importance of what you ingest, and allow in your body/temple. The authors recommended foods, beverages, and supplements are expensive. I purchase the majority of my supplements at VitaCost.com, online, and a couple on Amazon.com. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,Happy Kwanzaa, Seasons Greetings, and Happy New Year to all of my sisters/warriors still fighting for a cure. May God bless us all. XoXoXo

Yes! I actually have the short version by dr.peter D'Adamo, "eat right for your type". It's the food, beverage and supplements list for my blood type. Thanks for the suggestion! I am going to re-read it. Happy holidays to you as well❤️

I suggest you purchase this very easy to read modern updated book by Joseph Christiano. D'Adamo's book was too scientific, and complicated to read, but Joseph Christiano's Bloodtype/Body type book, I couldn't put it down, and I finished it in one reading. I even highlighted important parts of the book, and years later re-read the highlighted parts. There are 30 different easy delicious breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners to prepare. I even keep a picture of the foods to never eat in my cellphones picture gallery, if I am questioning something new I may want to try.

Congratulations! Such great news.

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