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Medical marijuana in Michigan

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Though I've not had serious pain from mbc, I imagine it is just a matter of time. I've had bone mets for 15 years, diagnosed over 14 1/2 years ago, and have been really lucky so far, but I suspect that sometime in the future I will want to at least try edible mm. The MM laws in MI are crazy and were written in response to a state wide referendum allowing MM, but my impression is that the legislature really didn't want it legalized and wrote procedures that make it hard for sick people to find mm. Some physicians will not sign the required paperwork so a bunch of places have popped up where doctors who seem to do nothing other than speak with people who want mm cards and then refer them to places where they can purchase the mm. I have gone on line and can find plenty of these physicians but no place in the whole SW part of the state to actually buy the stuff. And when we submit a physicians signature to obtain a mm card, we also have to submit info about where we will buy it, but how can we do that if we can't find a place! Has anybody here in SW Michigan, south of GR and W of Jackson, found a place to purchase MM? I'm pretty sure my onc will sign the form when the time comes. But this is just so crazy. And it angers me because I think those of us with painful bone mets are just the people that voters wanted to be able to find and buy mm, but if we follow the law, it's impossible while those who just want to be able to use it recreationally seem to have no trouble finding it!

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Hi there

At least you’re in with a chance in in UK it’s only prescribed for MS and not for the pain and isn’t available on NHS so is very expensive

The black market is the only way and that’s risky..either the stuff can be dodgy or you get caught and go on trial/get fined

So annoying as I have to take horrible codeine with it’s vile side effects

Barb xx

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Partia in reply to Barbteeth

In the state of Michigan where medical marijuana is legal they just passed a new law that it is legal to use recreationally now.

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Barbteeth in reply to Partia

You’re very fortunate..I think once France ‘legalises’ it the UK will follow..wish they’d get a move on!

Barb xx

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Join the club. Here in South Africa it is also not officially available though if I eventually require it I have a reputable supplier I am told quite locally. Holding thumbs that they will see the light and soon!

Good luck

That would be frustrating, sorry to hear this! I live in California, so it's easier although not cheap. Since I am having back problems, just started using medical marijuana. I never used it until now. Take care PJ, keep us posted.

That's messed up. I live in Canton MI and there are so many places to get it. I don't have my MM license. And now in MI it can be used recreationally.

I went on line yesterday an did alot of googling......a map showed quite a few 'dispensaries' on the east side of the state but nothing close to where I live. And when I looked further at the "dispensaries" they didn't sell marijuana, they just have docs who will sign the mm application! I know that people who want to smoke it recreationly can get it around here though our country prosecutor plans to continue to go after them for the rest of this year, but medical marijuana is different than the stuff people want for 'recreation." Not long after the mm law went into effect several years ago, I saw a bill board for a mm store and stopped in there just to get info and spoke with an RN who had quite a bit of knowledge, or at least it seemed like it to me, and she recommended edible mm for cancer pain and tx side effects. That place was shut down sometime after that.

Hi , so that is great that you have had no pain and diagnosed 15 years ago with bone Mets. I was just diagnosed with Mets to my rib bone and one lymph node . The lymph scared me the most . Hearing you were 15 years is wonderful. What meds have you been on ? I’m scared about the lymph , have you ever had a lymph involved? Can you shed some light on your treatment so far and your CA blood test results ?? Thanks in advance xx

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Hi: I have lymph n lung Mets and 14 months on ibrance/Femara with gd results. It definitely is scary-I guess it spreads through the lymph so is that what scares you about lymph?

Hope you feel ok & happy holidays. Prayers & best to you!

Fondly, Bailey5

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Bibfoo277 in reply to Bailey3266

Yes that is what scares me 😟

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PJBinMI in reply to Bibfoo277

Yes, I've had some lymph node involvement, but I just tell myself they are doing their job, which is to grab and old onto anything in the lymph system that shouldn't be there, and keeping it from speading to an organ. So though I wish it wasn't found anywhere but where it was originally in several vertebrae, a couple of spots on a shoulder blade, spot on a rib and 3 places on the pelvic arch, it seems like a lymph node or two is the best other place for it to park itself. I think I am lucky to have cancer cells that are easily controlled. I got almost five years from Femara (letrozole), and was also on Zometa at that time. Then Faslodex for over 9 years. I am allergic to Zometa and had to have pre-meds (IV benadryl and hydro-cortisone) and just a half dose, plus extra fluids and extra infusion time, so as soon as Xgeva was approved by the FDA, I was switched to that. In the 7th year on Faslodex, Ibrance was added shortly after it was FDA approved but I did not tolerate it well developed difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with a lung condition called Interstitial Lung Disease, which has been stable for the two years since it was diagnosed. I use two Rx inhalers for that and have also developed atrial fibrillation from the ILD and am on a blood thinner and wear compression hose for that. I am alive and able to enjoy some of the things I normally enjoy, but i get tired easily and my concentration and short term memory are not what they used to be and reading is hard because if i read awhile and put a book down, when I pick it up again, I don't remember some of the things that make it hold together. I shower and dress every day but grocery shopping is really the only thing I do outside the house and our property, on a regular basis. Besides doctors appts and vet appts for our dogs and cats. This year was the first time I declined hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner. I could have done just the dinner part but not the house work and some of the prep work. Two years ago, I didn't enjoy the day at all and so last year I had our kids each bring two food dishes so I cut way down on what I had to prepare and that worked then. I hate not being able to do that! None of the kids picked it up so no family TG this year. That makes me sad. But I am here and enjoy alot. It's a hard way to live and anything any of us can do to make it less stressful is sure helpful. My dark sense of humor helps me alot. It occured to me a week or two ago that the medical procedure I really need is a transplant of my head to a healthy younger body. Today at the vet's office, I thought, well why restrict that transplant to a human body, what sort of animal could I see my head going onto! That was good for several minutes of fun and giggles.....gorilla, elephant, horse, large dog. I've always thought it would be great to be able to fly, so a big bird would work, too, except there'd be no hands to do things with. Silly stuff like that always helps me feel better. So this is a hugely long answer to your questions, at least I hope that is true.

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Bibfoo277 in reply to PJBinMI


Thanks so much ❤️ blessed to have met you 😍

Legal to use recreationally now. Did you ever find some?

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