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Taxol IV chemo date set.

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Went to my oncologist this week. I will start chemo Jan 10th. She is not goi g to put a port in unless there is a problem. I will go once a week. Take 5 compazine pills day before so I don't get nauseous. After 4 treatments will have blood work or petscan. She may not do 12 treatments if tests show it is stopped before. Said I am lucky it is still in bones only. I hope it works. I am going to try and post a picture with my new wig. Not bad and I did not fuss with it yet.

Well I will keep you posted.

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Hi there

I hope your treatment goes well..will think of you

You look gorgeous by the way!!

Barb xx

Thank you, don't know how I got this new account but I am Jerseygirl45. You may see this post again trying to fix it.

The account thing happened to me as well a few months ago so just picked one and let the other one one lapse

Barb xx

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Burgerde in reply to Barbteeth

I am glad you are going to do holidays first before starting. I did Taxol last year all during the holidays. I managed ok but I had a lot of help from my family. I am nervous also. Ok , let's admit it, depressed. I just began Affinitor and am very anxious as my Oncologist told me this is pretty much my last choice. This drug is a result of matching with Foundation One testing for DNA

I thought if you had the Taxol treatment it would last for 4-5 years. But I will go back on hormone therapy to keep it in control.

Didn't the Taxol shrink the tumor cells.

Had Taxol last year but am starting on Wed again as unfortunately with just Fulvestrant (after Xeloda) my lung mets have grown larger for first time and liver mets grown a little. Spine still stable . Still on Denosumab of course.

Hope everything goes well and you tolerate the Taxol well. Will send positive thoughts your way !

Thank you, I also hope it goes well pretty nervous.

You look fantastic and I'm so glad that after your discussion with your oncologist you get to spend the holidays with your kids and grandkids without major side effects. Thanks so much for updating us and sharing.


Yes I refused to start about her medicine and then have side effects through the holiday. I will keep you posted.

You look great! Keep us posted.


Thank you I will. This is the wig I got at cancer care for free. It is so real looking.

Good luck and very natural looking !

Thank you. This is the wig I got at cancer care for free. It is really nice.

Hair is gorgeous!! God bless you on this journey!! XOXO Linda

Stunning look! Hope the taxol works well. It sounds as if you and your oncologist have a good grasp of what is good for you. Keep us posted - and share the great look!

Wow, it doesn't look like a wig. Good luck with treatments. Blessings, Hannah


I wish you well as you prepare to start chemotherapy. Hopefully it will work for you and you will be able to tolerate the side effects.

Take care,

Sophie x

You look great!! Hoping for great success on the chemo🙏❤️


Hair looks great, not like a wig at all. Best wishes. I was not able to take taxol years ago (allergic) and was given taxotere instead. Dr said it was the synthetic for taxol. I had already done adromycin and cytoxin before starting the taxotere every 3 weeks. The taxotere was much easier.

Ask your dr about emend for the nausea it works great. I used it with all my chemo and never got nauseous, and I have a very sensitive stomach. I even ask for an emend before any surgery now.


Good luck with your treatment- I only tolerated 8 doses- it totally got to my toes!! Listen to your body!!

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Jerseygirl45 in reply to MMMP

Did you benefit from the 8 doses. My doctor said she will test after a few treatments to be sure it is working?

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MMMP in reply to Jerseygirl45

My chemotherapy did not work as well as hoped- it did not shrink the mass in left breast- went to surgery 2 weeks after stopping- still 7cm - when removed. Than did radiation- thought all was good until it showed up in my bones 6 months later-


That is my next medicine if the full dosage of Verzenio doesn’t work.

I wish you well on it and hope for great results.

I was going to try verzenio but since my tumor markers are still going up for almost a year I might as well do the chemo. Doctor said I can still go on verzenio after the chemo is finished.

Good luck to you and hope it goes well. And if you didn't say you had a wig on I wouldn't have known. You look great. Hang in there. Sending hugs and love to you.

Thanks I just wanted a wig that did not look like my hair was perfect. I think this one does it so it looks more real. I have two more to try yet. I don't know where the days go but I have not even tried them except at the cancer center.

Thank you for the hugs I will be thinking of them when I am down.

I received taxol for 3 months. I developed moderate neuropathy in my feet . My scans showed no shrinkage but no growth either after 3 months. I was not given a time as to it how long it would work. I was given the impression if I tolerated AND it worked I would have to remain on it or switch to another drug. It didn't really work and I was having trouble tolerating after the 3 months. Within 3 months by my next set of scans everything started to grow a again. I have fairly wide spread disease and was told likely I would have to remain on some kind of chemo until nothing else available to try. After having the Foundation One testing which indicated my tumor was susceptible to Affinitor just started on this. It is my understanding that any drug stops working after a year or two. Hopefully you will respond better than me as you have mets only in your bones. Maybe you should ask oncologist more specific questions if you are uneasy and anxious over it.

You look good everything will be fine, I had Taxol and the side effects were not bad for me God bless you

Your date of first Taxol chemo was 10th Jan, so you must have had 4 chemo by now. Hope blood test ot Petscan does not show anything now. My wife's Taxol + Herceptin Chemo will start in 3rd week of April and will remember your exp regarding taking nausea medicine before.

How are things xx just starting Taxol xx

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