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Red Blotches


I'm on Ibrance/letrozole combo. I've been on since last Dec. I was outside this weekend at a band competition and it was wet and cold. When I woke up Sunday my hands have red blotches all over them! It's ichy and a little swollen. On my finger where I where my wedding band, you can see where the band was because the red mark looks exactly like I have my ring on. I showed the nurse when I got my shot, but she said it didn't look medicine related. Has anyone had this happen?

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I haven't had that so I am not any help. Good luck to getting in finding the answer. Hannah

I was on ibrance for awhile but never experienced that and haven't heard that is a side effect. I am on Xeloda now and have this special rash on my forearms and legs. It's just so lovely - haha. Glad its fall, if you can call 85 degrees fall, so i can wear long sleeves. I am in So California so we really don't get much of a fall.

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