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Faslodex and Xeloda


I have been on Faslodex for nearly 7 years now some flunctuation is very normal, although I have never had CA 27 29 higher than 80. My Mets is to the bone and that seems to be the best of the Mets.

I was also on.Xeloda for 7 years and was taken off of it while it was still working to give my body a rest from chemo; so it can be used in the future.

As 19 year survivor I have been blessed!

Kathleen 99

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Hi Kathleen

Wow you have done so well..an inspiration to us who are recently diagnosed

Mine came back after 24 years and is widespread through my bones..only discovered from an X-ray to find out why I had so much pain..it was a fractured vertebrae!!..you may have seen my post on kyphoplasty..having it done tomorrow

I’m on Ibrance letrazole and xgeva

I’m really trying to not think dark thoughts and get on with my life

Thanks for your post..cheered me up especially with having bone mets like you

Barb xx

Kathleen1999, this is great news and I agree, us that are newly diagnosed need to hear these success stories. I also have Mets to bones. Diagnosed feb 2018. I was wondering did you take anything else in combination when you were on Faslodex and when on xeloda? You said 7 years on each of these any other treatments you have been on? Thank you and you have given me hope. ❤️ 🤗

You have been blessed! Continued blessings!

You are an inspiration. I just started Xeloda a few months ago and am hoping I have the same success as yourself. I was on Faslodex for 11 years and it obviously worked before deciding not to work. It was easy for me. I had absolutely no side effects with the exception of a sore butt cheek here and there. :)

Greetings: Sister/warrior God is good. a 19 year testimony gives so many hope for more days, weeks and years to spend with our loved ones Amen XoXoXo

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