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My TV interview

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I was interviewed on Los Angeles ABC local TV for their health segment a week ago. This was in advance of my local affiliate’s Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. Historically I’ve avoided the race because it has been more about celebrating early stage survivors and not about those with MBC (and then there’s the issue that less than 25% of the donations go to research with a fraction to MBC research).

I’ve been working with the affiliate to change that and they have been receptive. They chose me to be interviewed and I was happy to see that after my 45 minute interview that became a 2 minute segment, key information about MBC was not edited out.

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Thank you for being a voice for us. 🙏

Thanks for your efforts. Consider checking out Metavivor on the internet, 100% of their $ gharhoes to metastatic breast cancer research.

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SeattleMom in reply to NPmary

Thanks for posting that info about Metavivor. I had no idea that such an organization existed. Here's the link for others:

Thanks for posting that. I review breast cancer research proposals for METAvivor as an MBC advocate. They have funded some terrific studies that may provide the basis for new therapies.

Really great Sandy, you are a much needed voice. Proud to know you.

Great story, Sandi, and great TV clip! It's truly all about awareness and staying educated. Thanks for being such a sterling example!! Linda (Seattle)

Fantastic, that you were interviewed! MBC research does need to continue.

Wonderful interview and you spoke like a pro! You didn’t have to do that and you took the time any I’m proud of you. Like me I was diagnosed in 2001, but knew something was wrong in 2000. Went on worked till last summer now mbc, I remember sitting waiting on pet scan saying this is going to suck big time. I already knew. Thanks again for your time and by the way you look great!!

That’s great!! They filmed my Yoga 4 cancer class in Brooklyn as well!

AMAZING!! Love the chart, thank you for advocating for us!!!! 🙏

Hi Sandi,

I just watched your interview. Thank you so much for advocating for us all. You truly are an inspiration. I also started a chart back in February when I first visited my GP and have documented my progress since then. I hope that as more treatments become available and additional research is carried out that we will all get to live longer and see a cure for metastatic breast cancer.

All the best,

Sophie x

Thank you!!!

What is your secret to have lived 18 years with bone Mets? I was diagnosed with MBC in bones only in April of 2018, after my gallbladder was taken out the surgeon called to tell me the pathologist found cancer in lining of gallbladder, so it’s now only in my bones only. I feel fine. I’ve had some bone pain, but feel good for the most part. Even went to an exercise class. Or should I do that? Please advise, as I am not ready to leave this world justly yet. Thank you, Robin

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