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Experience on xeloda

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Hi ladies,

I was on I brance and letrozol and it didn’t work so went on a trial that included affiniitor, exemestanr and ribociclib. While it cleared the Mets in my liver the side effects were horrific and I had to stop all three and just continue with the exemestane. Well now it’s not working and am going to start xeloda. Can anyone share their experience and side effects with me.

Thanks and the best to all of you.

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Well we both could not take Ibrance and mine was from low wbc. Tried Verzenio and made me so sick. I now just take Faslodex injections every month. Very low side effects, hair growing and thicker,and feel good. I went 17 years before mets diagnosis.Mine is in rt lung and 3 spots on spine. Chemo has seemed to clear up liver mets which was only 2 mm. I think they will find you something that will work without such bad side effects. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Thanks for your response. I was in faslodex for 11 years after the cancer originally went to the bone. I had no side effects and felt good too. I hope that’s the same for you. Good luck to you too.

My daughter is stage 4. Ibrance/femara did nothing for her. But Xeloda has worked wonderfully. She has problems with hands and feet. Uses lots of creams and lotions, sometimes wears socks and gloves to bed. But minimal other side effects. Good labwork, decreasing tumor markers. She ran a 5k recently, doing another one this weekend. Good luck to you!

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Thank you so much. That is similar to what I heard from someone else and it is very encouraging. When I read about how to manage the hands and feet issues they make it sound like you can hardly do anything physical that would make your hands or feet hot. And its good to know she is doing well. Give her my best.

Been on xeloda for 12 weeks and few side effects so far. Working for me.

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Kimr2081 in reply to rubyc1234

I wanted to ask you. Have you experienced any issues with the hand and foot side effects.

Thanks. Just finishing my first week and so far so good.

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