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Just wondering if any of you are her2 positive. I was diagnosed Oct will be 2 yrs. My onco did a new biopsy just to make sure there were no changes. We aren't sure if I have always been hert2 positive since my original biopsy did not give that info. I am having a petscan to see exactly were I am now before we start a new treatment. My pets have always been good no new spots just the original places on my spine for 2 yrs he doesnt expect any new places just wants a new on before we start a new treatment I did 15 rounds of ibrance with good results. I understand inbrance is for estrogen positive progesterone positive hert2 negative.

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I don't have a her2neu positive bc but a friend who had it lived for over 13 years after being diagnosed at stage IV with lung mets. Drugs like Herceptin have extended life for those with the her2neu receptors greatly! Wish I could tell you more. This friend saw the same onc I do and both our onc and I thought she might well have lived longer but about a year before her death, her 31 year old daughter and mother of her only grandchild died suddenly of a brain bleed--it devastated the whole family and my friend went down hill after that. Things besides cancer can have a big impact on us I'm afraid!

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