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Advice for a woman from Tennessee

One of our helpline callers, in remission for stage IV breast cancer needs information. One of her doctors in Tennessee where she recently moved, feels that it was no longer necessary for her to be on disability took her off it as she is now NED. She has been physically devastated by the chemos that she received including Ibrance and Letrozole. She feels that she will never be healthy again as she suffers from severe neuropathy along with other serious ailments. Even though she is 50 she feels that going back to work is not an option Originally from California where she was diagnosed 4 years ago she was getting disability from her health insurance through the place that she worked,

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Can she get a second doctor opinion to appeal the decision to take her off disability? It seems unfair to expect her to go back to work if she is in pain, etc.


One thought I had, imagining myself in her shoes, would be for her to phone her onc in California and ask that they phone her Tenn. onc and tell that doctor why she can not work. I wonder if her new onc has already sent info into social security about this. She ought to be able to obtain copies of all her records from the new onc. She may have to see an attorney but first, I would talk with social security and with my old onc and plan out what I was going to say to this new oncologist. After all, the California onc knows her alot better than the onc in Tenn and I would be doing everything I could to persuade that new onc that I could not work, with info about how my symptoms and side effects interfere with day to day life. Any memory issues, mobility issues, examples of how fatigue interferes with her abilities. Concrete examples. If the place she worked has a HR person that has been helpful to her in the past, I would contact that person to. The local Council on Aging, or whatever that is called in Tenn, may have info about local resources to help her fight this.

She also needs to read the paperwork she has received, the notification that her disability is being ended, to see what the time limit is for filing an appeal of this decision. That is really critical info and must be adhered to!

It would be helpful to have more info about this. How long ago did she start seeing the new onc and how many times has she seen him. How much has she told him about how she is functioning on a day to day basis? Oncs vary in how they view going on disability! Some support it easily and others tend to be jackasses about it, to be blunt!

This is a real reminder for all of us that we need to really think about what we tell our oncs and not to minimize problems we are having with things like fatigue, thinking, mobility.


Are you saying her disability income was not from the government but through her employment insurance? That could make all the difference.

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Wow, this is shocking. It is my understanding that under social security disability that this can occur after two years of NED. How long has she been in NED? Why does the oncologist feel that she can go back to work? I hope the oncologist discussed this with her extensively before this decision. I would love to go back to work however, who is going to hire me? chemo every two weeks, lifting/weight restrictions of no more than 10 lbs due to spinal mets, Cannot stand for more than 1-2 hours without sitting down to give my back a break. Good luck to her in fighting this. I would find a new oncologist.


Good morning: daf10 like the other replies state she needs to be in touch with her old

oncologist who should send some type of correspondence explaining why she should still be

on disability to her current doctor who denied her disability. I also think she should get in

touch with a Disability Lawyer. My friend who attended share meetings years ago had a

similar problem.She had severe neuropathy in her feet and also in her hands. She also

developed diabetes right after finishing chemotherapy. She got an attorney after being

denied disability, and she had to get public assistance. When she won her disability case she

had to pay public assistance back all of the money that was, for a better word lent to her. She

also had to pay the disability lawyer 1/3 of the settlement. The disability income is just

enough to pay her rent, and electricity bill, but her two children help her financially when

they get paid. She has helped me do Share Ambassador presentations in the past. I have

seen her in the past wincing and making groaning noises as we walked down the street. The

heels she loved so much , can no longer be worn. Now it's Aerosoles, Lifestrides and

Nauturalizer flats, and sneakers. My girlfreind and one other Share aquaintance says that a

combination of Icy hot and Neuropathy cream gives her a good amount of relief, but after a

certain amount of time she has to reapply the cream. I pray that your co-worker finds a

solution to this difficulty she is facing. If she needs the name of the Disability Attorney my

girlfriend used you can, reach out to me. With God all things are possible. I pray all my

warriors, and their loved ones will have a Merry Christmas , and a Happy New Year. XoXoXo

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We’re are u at in Tennessee. I go to west clinic in Memphis Tn.


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