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Awaiting new scans, patiently

New pet/Ct scans done yesterday marking the end 4 cycles of xeloda. I turned 47 last month. I hope I am marking the beginning of a new year with optimal news. I have been told my liver function has returned to normal and my tumor markers are decreasing. I am confident I will hear the words reduction and stable when my mets are described on Nov 1. Not much has been said about liver biopsy except that it showed many mutations for newer therapies reaching clinical trials. I suspect I will continue on Xeloda for the time being which really us okay. My feet hate it but I have to take the good with the bad and embrace each.

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Wishing you good luck with the scans! Glad to hear that your liver function is normal again.

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Wishing you all the best Ibelong! Keep us updated!

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