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Xeloda not working - now Vinorelbine

Hi there Now it is my turn to ask questions. Anyone out there on Vinorelbine/Navelbine? (I believe here in South Africa it may be called Movin) I have been on Xeloda for 11 months with pretty good results - good shrinkage of liver met - but rising markers. Have just had my 6 monthly CT scan and the liver met has suddenly grown again - but CEA is down from 180 to 110 and CA125 is up from 65 to 75. Result is my oncologist has taken me off Xeloda and is hoping to put me onto oral Vinorelbine. We would like to go the route of the metronomic dose - tabs on Monday Wednesday and Friday which is supposed to be gentler on the system - but I think my Medical scheme will only approve the 1 dose a week one as the other is more expensive! (Not called a medical SCHEME for nothing!) It all feels a bit depressing right now but would like to have any input regarding this drug - just hoping this gets approved as anything more vicious is not really on my list of things to do right now.

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Hi Izzyf,

I was on Navelbine twice (worked well the first time but second time not so much) but mine was through infusion not pills. Perhaps they didn't have the pills available back in 2008? I had Xeloda first but it didn't work for me and I had terrible side effects!

I handled it pretty well but did loose hair and had some neuropathy with it. Perhaps the pills have been done with less side effects? Would be interested in what you find out?


Thanks for the input, MaryJ-S. I have been very against anything that would badly compromise my daily lifestyle - why exist at the expense of living etc... so am rather nervous of this new regime. I had little problem with Xeloda - some dry scaling on my hands and numbness to fingertips later on - so am not looking forward to anything more drastic. They tell me pills once a week have a bit more side effects than the metronomic dose - Monday Wednesday Friday - with some hair thinning, constipation and some neuropathy and maybe dizziness. Hope that is all. Will let you know.


oral navelbine is not approved in USA only IV


Oh - thought we had more problems with what is approved out here! Actually my trip on navelbine did not last long - mets and numbers increased after the first month so am now on Faslodex - which apparently has just been added to the medical scheme's formulary this year?? And how long has it been in use else where. Makes you wonder - but here's hoping it works for me


Hello I was on Xeloda but, it didn't work my mets cancer yet morphed again. I was put on navilbean and could not go two weeks on one week off. My marrow doesn't like it. My counts when below 200. So, I am One week on and one week off. Have to have neulasta onboard device. This is specific to me. But, watch your counts. I also had a bit of steroid also for energy to get out of bed. I have a 12 year old that I have to drive to school early. So, just have backups for neutrophils & energy levels and then you can resume your lifestyle.


Thanks for the input. I just hope it doesn't affect my energy levels too much. Am going camping into the Kruger Park for 9 days next month and have explained to my oncologist that changing these plans is not on my list of things to do! The Park is a big part of my life now so the meds must just fit in. She seems to think that the Monday Wednesday Friday tablet regime is kinder than the one tab a week BUT it is doubtful that the Medical Scheme will pay the more expensive rate. Just hope I can cope and don't get slammed with fatigue AND depression as has happened. Great to hear you doing so well with a 12 year old - teenage still to come!

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