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Hello everyone!

Has anyone bought travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions specifically cancer and being in treatment? I've contacted a few who have exclusions if you are in treatment for cancer. I've been reading all the fine print and am really concerned that I'm not able to buy travel insurance. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Carol,

    I haven't had to buy travel insurance in a very long time. When I did, I have NO recollection of being asked if I had a pre-existing condition. Sounds rather discriminatory, don' t you think? Do you live in the States? Kats2

  • Hello, Kats2!

    Yes, I live in the states...PA. I thought it sounded discriminatory also. All of the travel insurance companies that I've researched have pre-existing clauses and if you dig deep into the fine print ir states if you are in treatment for cancer you are not covered. Grrrr

  • Greetings: Sister/Warrior This does sound discriminatory.Does this policy apply to diabetics, people with hypertension, and other preexisting health issues?. I have gone on quite a few cruises, but I have never purchased the insurance.I thought like health coverage, these insurance companies would make you pay more ,a higher premium. Imagine you have a "preexisting condition, and you want to go on a cruise/vacation to relax,and enjoy yourself. Let's say you are dancing on the ship,which goes into a path of slightly choppy water. you fall and 1 other person who has the cruise insurance falls. You both have a hairline fracture. Your bill will be waiting for you when you return home,or maybe the medical treatment will be charged to your credit card,but the person who has insurance will have there bills entirely taken care of. I guess the insurance companies see people with preexisting conditions as more of a liability,therefore this would take more of the money/profits out of there pockets.I never buy travel insurance, whether it is a train, cruise, hotel,bus or plane. I do ask my Travel Agent/ God to give me, and my loved ones travel mercies. I ask God to give you and your loved vacationing with you the same.I pray this cruise will be the best you'v ever experienced, and that you will have an amazing time Amen ! ! !

  • Thank you so much, RLN. Gods blessings to you as well.

  • HiCarol...try this site. I am an insurance broker licensed in all 50 states (as well as a METS patient). I deal with insurance companies all over the world, and as you may know, most of the more "difficult" insurance products to procure are offered by insurance companies based in the UK.

    But give this site a look...I think you may be able to find a product that will work for you.

    All the best to you with your fight, and your travel!

    Kindest Regards,


  • Thank you so much, Jan! Can you recommend one in the US?

  • I haven't been able to find one as of yet, but I am looking. I'm traveling for work this week, but I will do my best to locate one for you in the next day or two. Hang in there.

  • Thank you so much ! I only need travel insurance to cover a five day cruise.

  • Thank you , Jan! I think I found a good travel insurance! I appreciate your help!


  • That's great. I actually had no idea, until I saw your message, that this was even an issue. Be sure to share...thanks for letting me know.


  • A number of years ago, my husband and I were able to buy travel insurance through the travel agent who booked a cruise for us. The agent had a number of clients with cancer..... I don't remember the name of the insurance and the agent has retired. But it did exist in about 2005, travel insurance that did not exclude pre existing conditions. We went on a 7 day Alaskan cruise, on Holland America and had a great time! One of the two best trips of my life! (The other was a European Art Tour in 1987 sponsored by a local college, travel within Europe by rail, wonderful way to travel!)

  • Thank you, PJ!

  • I have bought travel insurance but I have done it within 7 days (that's the usual amount of time to review the policy) of putting a deposit on a travel adventure. As long as your doctor says it is OK to travel many of the policies are accepting of meds and treatment. I have used one that AAA uses and the AAA agent checked to make sure I was covered. I had to use a travel policy once when we planned a trip to the Baltics but it wasn't becasue of cancer treatments; rather, it was for a broken foot 3 weeks before we were to leave! Agh!!!

    Hope this helps!

  • I just returned from a big trip for which I bought travel insurance. The key thing was having a letter from my onc stating that I am able to make the trip. That satisfied the insurance company.


    covers pre-existing conditions if bought within 21 days of original deposit.

    enjoy your travels!

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