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I have stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to my lung&bowel areas,last wk i had my 1st chemo session which i was sick for 3days afterwards by the wkend i had picked up ,today i went for my wig consultation,while i was there i got the girl to cut my hair for me asked her how i go about it &how it would be done i thought it would be buzzed off the girls said to me they shave it as short as they can go said i was ready,realised it was happening when she put that gown on me &got the clippers out i knew it was actually happening when she got the comb &really started shaving my head right shaved all off to the stubble to shortest my head could be shaved to i only have bristle fuzz left once my head starts patching &itching from what it is now i will need to shave it completely all off its going to upset me im just scared to look at my head now my hairs been shaved off to nxt need all off going to devastate me when i need to shave it bald all off

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  • I created this evidence-based Handout to help REDUCE treatment toxicities for my nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project.

  • It is a shock to lose ones hair and have ones hair shaved off For weeks after most of my hair fell out, I had a few wisps which I clung to not wanting to lose the little hair I had Finally my husband convinced me to take the big step and shaved off what was left of my hair. I adjusted well after that

  • Hi TRG3. You are not alone in feeling this way. Many women have felt the exact same way as you. Hair loss for women can be particularly devastating for a number of reasons. It defines some of us as feminine, it can represent another loss from cancer and can let the world know you are a cancer patient. How have others dealt with hair loss?

  • One year before my cancer diagnosis I wanted to cut my hair to a short sassy style, but my husband didn't want me to cut it, and he told me if I cut my hair he was going to shave all of his curly beautiful hair bald. One day I went to a couple of beauty supply stores and found a cute synthetic sassy wig that matched my natural hairs color and texture.Every body I encountered that day loved the wig and asked me where I got my hair cut and styled.My husband came home and fell in love with the wig , thinking it was my natural hair.I made a deal with him that I would keep my hair short like this in the future ,and he happily agreed. Then I told him it was a wig and took I it off my head to his surprise.Well soon after I cut my real hair to that style and all was good in paradise.If I had a bad hair day or worked out and didn't have time to style my hair I had my back up cute sassy wig.Fast forward to cancer diagnoses a year later and, chemo . My hair was falling out little by little all over the house. Ladies being the cook I am you don't want to find hair in your food.I didn't want to give cancer or chemo the power to remove my hair. so I cut it and shaved it bald. I ended up stopping up my toilet with the hair I cut off, when I tried to flush it .I went to A.C.S. to get a second wig at the time almost ten years ago, the wigs were very unappealing. I picked out the best of what was available and brought it home and cut it and customized it.Fast forward to now. Because I work out and I just don't want to take 3 hours to do my hair.I have about 7 wigs and I just made my own custom wig that came in a kit for around $15. These wig kits come with online instruction.I will style my natural hair and wear it out only for special occasions .Sisters/Warriors there is so much available in beauty supply stores in Brooklyn N.Y.and online. I am a bit of a fashion Diva so I do my own nail tips, eyelashes and now wigs. You tube teaches you how to do all of the aforementioned beauty process', and so much more.Bald can also be beautiful. Men are tattooing there heads to make it look like natural hair lines and are also tattooing full head coverage. Warriors we can do the same thing.Do what makes you happy. Sisters/Warrior/Over-comers. God bless you and your loved ones. Happy Valentines day.

  • I had a small daughter, and am single. I did not want to scare her so, I cut in stages. I had long hair. I got it highlighted, and cut to shoulders. Two weeks later went to a new stylist and got a special bob with a shingled back to shaved neck. This was while I was getting my surgeries and recovery before chemo. In 2011. I then shaved my head the first sign of any hair falling out about the 5th chemo injections. It was difficult to get back really close so, I went over to ask my dad while I stood over his deck to clean it up with my dogs clippers. You have to look at 1/2 full and 1/2 empty approach to this. One could be at least your head could be perfectly round with no dents. You could look great without it. You don't have to waste your budget on shampoo, conditioner, haircuts, perms, styles, gel, hairspray. You don't have to clean the hairspray off you're bathroom door, counters and such. Less time to get ready. Hat and go.

    Instead of my hair defined who I am. It's hard not to cry for this, it's big! So, have you're cry then... choose if you want to itch with wig or just wear a hat for warmth and comfort.

    And my favorite of the nine months without hair was, you guessed it. No darn shaving. No arm hair no leg hair no armpits with it. I loved that. It's a blow when that comes back in.

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