Ibrance with fluvestrant

I haven't posted much here but continue to read, seeking hope. I finished my harsh chemo 5 weeks ago. As horrible as it was it is scary to let go as it was moving things in the right direction. I started ibrance and fluvestrant yesterday after hours and hours of tests and scans. Can anyone share with me, side effects, results, whatever you have. I would appreciate it. I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof . (I have bone mets with extensive liver mets)

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  • Much less side effects for me with ibrance. Just low WBC. First cycle was hardest and then got much easier. Sometimes tired. Wishing you the very best on this treatment.

  • How long have you been taking it? Is it working? Thanks

  • I have been taking since September 2015 and yes it's working. Please stay positive

  • I"ve been on Ibrance for exactly one year, very little side effects, a little tiredness and a little diareah,but I've been on it for a year and its keeping my cancer stable, im also on faslodex shots once a month, thats a estrogen blocker because my cancer is estrogen related, best of luck to ya!

  • Same regimen I started. Thank you for the reply. Makes me feel hopeful! Have a blessed Easter!

  • Glad that you reached out and posted Ibrance seems to be quite effective Although I was not stage IV, as manager of the breast helpline, I have heard so from both volunteers here and helpline callers. Best of luck with your treatment and please continue to post Remember we are here to support you

  • I have been on ibrance since last January. I take it with letrozole. I had a walnut sixed liver tumor it shrunk to 1/3rd it's size. It brought my tumor markers down to normal level. It is an amazing drug.

  • I have been on this combo since january. The first was hardest because it was too strong. I had neutropenia (absolute neutrophils were 400 and wbc 1.2) and i caught the horrific flu that went around. Ended up dehydrated and with pneumonia in the hospital. I had many side effects like small mouth sores, hair was falling out more than usual, weight loss, diarhea, nausea, etc.

    The Onc lowered my dose to 100 and i have done so much better! My side effects are mainly my counts are still low, some insomnia, and i have fatigue like crazy. She did agree to lower my dose again and i will start 75's next week in hopes to not be so tired and weak.

  • I don't know about fulvestrant but I take Ibrance with letrozole (femara) I have bone mets and small nodules in lungs. I really don't feel too bad off of it at all. My joints get stiff sometimes but I think that's old age (57 lol)

  • i have taken ibrance and letrazole for 22 months. the aches and pains are side effects...definitely. all bone mets are gone. treat the side effects. stretch every day. get lots of cardio, as much as you can. take pain relievers.

  • I think I heard you can get peeling hands and feet with fluvestrant/faslodex. But I haven't had to take it yet so not sure. Best wishes dear.

  • First couple of months can be rough due to the anemia (low red blood cell count) and low white blood cell count you may experience. It took 3 rounds and numerous blood draws to find the right dose for me. I ended up on the 100 mg dose. Over time it does thin out your hair. Good luck with this combo it is relatively easy to be once you find the dose for you.

  • low counts are common, mine get as low as 700 but come back up after a week. Remember to eat really well, lots of protien and fruits and veg. give up bread, pasta and sweets. get lots of exercise, cardio and stretching.

  • I have mbc with mets to the bones and stomach. I was diagnosed in December 2016. I did not receive chemo or radiation. I have been on ibrance and letrozole since December 2016. The only side effects I get are hot flashes and I get very tired by the end of the day. The cancer has shrunk and my stomach feels much better. My tumer markers have gone way down. The medicine is fairly new, but I'm hoping to be on it for a long time. God is Good!!

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