Coverage for Kadcyla soon to be denied in UK

WONDER' DRUG BAN Breast cancer patients in England to be denied Kadcyla that extends life by up to nine months – and is available in Scotland

BREAST cancer patients in England are set to be denied a wonder drug that will now be available on the NHS in Scotland.

The £90,000-a-year medicine, called Kadcyla, can extend life by up to nine months.

But health chiefs in England have ruled it is too expensive – and it will be withdrawn by the summer unless makers Roche drop the price.

The drug firm has already offered the NHS a discount to treat the 1,200 women a year who could benefit.

Now the decision by the Scottish Medicines Consortium to approve Kadcyla has put pressure on its English counterpart to reconsider.

Watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is set put out fresh guidelines for England next month.

In December it rejected the treatment, saying the price is too high.

But charities have since campaigned for a compromise deal and hope the watchdog will finally approve the drug.

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  • I'm hoping that the pressure continues and the drug company will lower its price, in order to bring Kadcyla to those who would benefit from it.

  • I DO TOO

  • I hope they can make this Available to all who need it now.

  • This is why there is no cure!! Too much money being made at the expense of all of us suffering with this horrible disease!! Despicable that this should be allowed!!

  • This is why there is no cure for this horrible disease!!! Too much money to be made on the expense of all the poor souls suffering from this horrible disease!! Despicable!!

  • But don't lose all hope There are charities in the US and UK willing to help pay for the drug And for what it is worth the pharmaceutical companies do offer financial assistance. It also is up to all of us to let the government know how we feel

  • Yes, the cancer community should be more active in advocating against these enormous prices for life saving treatments. We r fighting for our lives !