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Cutting edge treatment for lymphedema


As many of you also probably do, I receive a lot of cancer literature in the mail. Recently I received a magazine, Frontiers, from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (The James). Frontiers has a good article on the two main types of surgery to treat lymphedema. The article is for patients and easy to read.

The story is on page 18.


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Thanks, Joan. It is good to see there are surgical options for people with lymphedema.

Sister/Warrior thank-you for that information on procedures to alleviate lymphedema. I had 12 lymph nodes removed 10 years ago, and I was/am minimally effected, you wouldn't notice if I didn't tell you, but I knew/know some women from Share programs that are terribly affected by this condition caused by breast cancer lymph node dissection and removal.I pray that like the availability for us to have breast reconstruction soon this too will be made available for all women affected by lymphedema which can be painful, and disfiguring to ones arms, hands and fingers Amen.The other articles are more technical,but also very informative. My sisters remember "Each one teach one .God keep and bless us all .

I will def. read. I had all my lymph nodes removed. 11 of 14 full of cancer. I have been lucky and not had to much trouble at this point.

Sarah1956 in reply to Petreep

i had 24 lymph nodes removed. I deal with lymphedema everyday. I always waer a compression sleeve ( except at night . ) I also use the Tactile pump everyday. I have been told that I could not have any surgery involing nodes while in treatment. ?? Who is eligble for surgery.

Joan37 in reply to Sarah1956

I'm not exactly sure who would be eligible for treatment. Perhaps your oncologist would have to look into it further. I had 19 nodes removed. 7 were positive.

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