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Metastatic Breast Cancer


Had my ovaries removed June 17, a day before my birthday. 2 of my incisions havent quite healed yet. I was on the first round of Ibrance 3 weeks before surgery. My immune system is pretty shot right now.

mbcfnp (Jen)

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Oh no, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I hope those incisions heal quickly 👏🏼 Eat healthy, get a lot of rest, try to go out for a quick walk and keep your mind occupied (read book, listen to music, play games). You’ll feel better soon 🙌🏼

Hang in there, Jen! Has your oncologist suggested coupling the Ibrance with a daily dose of Letrozole? It's supposed to be like a one-two punch. From my experience (now almost three years with MBC) the aches and the exhaustion were much more prevalent in the first several months of treatment. I now have many days with lots of energy and feelings of overall wellness.

God bless you, Jen!

Love, Linda XXOO

mbcfnp in reply to SeattleMom

Thank you Linda.

I had my ovaries removed also and it took months for the wounds to heal . Stick with it . Iodine dressings helped with the wounds . Take care and all the best x

Ty everyone.

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