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Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer


I'm new to this website. I'm very scared right now after learning I have DCIS in situ. My MRI has shown a little more breast cancer involvement, so the specialist says treatment must be a mastectomy, not a lumpectomy as originally thought. Although I feel if I must trade a breast for my life, it's a done deal, I still can't believe this whole situation. I feel like it's a dream. Sometimes I wake up in the morning as usual, and then it hits me. My counselor suggested I join a support group, so here I am. Any words of wisdom?

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That was my thinking when I was told I had DCIS... I had my mastectomy two weeks ago. It’s in-situ, which means it’s contained, which has to be great news. I had immediate reconstruction and to be honest it’s smaller than my ‘good’ one, but beginning to look ‘normal’. Everyone who’s seen it says it looks brilliant😀. I’ll be having a reduction on the other one in a few months when the implant has settled

in. There are a few ‘mastectomy’ groups on Facebook which are very helpful in understanding things. Love and hugs to you 💗🤗💗


What you are feeling is absolutely normal. DCIS is a baffling diagnosis. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and had trouble wrapping my head around the aggressive treatment for a stage 0 technically non cancer. I don’t know where u live but SHARE has a wonderful DCIS support group in NYC. If you don’t live near there you can call their breast cancer help line and ask to be linked with a DCIS peer. You don’t have to and shouldn’t go through this alone. We are here to help.

R in NYC

I too had same diagnosis 12 yrs ago with left breast mastectomy. The be only thing beside Share support group that has sustained me is prayer. I forget for five minutes and then I be start thinking again. I also be had five years of Tamoxifen after mastectomy. Have faith and continue with a support group


Greetings to u!

I pray all goes well with your treatments and as stage 0 u can relax that all this will soon be a bad memory!

You got this! And it will all be ok! 3 years ago I was scheduled for a lumpectomy with simple reconstruction. When the dr did my lumpectomy, she discovered more cancer than expected. I immediately started chemo therapy, 8 treatments ( 1 every 3 weeks) for 4 months. 1 month later I had a double mastectomy (my choice) as well as reconstruction at the same time. My doctors worked together, when one surgeon was done, the other took over. That was followed by 28 radiation treatments. I am not going to lie to you, it was hard, very hard, there were days that I prayed to die! Now 3 years later, I look good, I feel good, and to look st me you would never know I had a double mastectomy (dr said I made the right decision, I would have been back if I hadn’t). I pray for you make the right decision for you!!! My doctors were both affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic, I had excellent care! Choose the doctors that are right for you, it will make all the difference in the world. Also if I had had a 3-D mammogram, they would have known ahead of time and the treatments might have been different! You will be ok! Keep saying it! You will be ok! Lots of love, hugs and prayers to you!

Please don't be too worried. DCIS in-situ is one of those breast cancers they stupidly call "good breast cancers" because they're so early and easy to treat. As for a support group, if you're in the NYC area, I suggest going to SHARE meetings. They also have online meetings and a call-in helpline. Good luck with your treatment. Here's the link to their site:



I’m so sorry that you are going through this.

I suspect that what you are saying is that there is DCIS in different places in the breast and that’s why the suggested surgery has changed to a mastectomy.

I understand that you are frightened. Who wouldn’t be. Please remember that 70% to 80% of DCIS never becomes invasive. The problem is that at this time no one knows whose DCIS would become invasive. And many doctors don’t call this cancer because it remains in the duct. It is has grown into surrounding, healthy tissues.

If you have not gotten a second opinion I would suggest it. If possible it’s always helpful if the doctor is affiliated with a National Cancer Institute or with a university. With DCIS You have time to make a decision that you are comfortable with. There is no need to rush.

There is a very helpful book about DCIS. It is called the DCIS Dilemma. It is available on Amazon.

I wish you peace and calm.

Greetings Sister/warrior We have all been where you are now, but I/we are all still here to support you ,and each other. I have a friend who had a mastectomy, and reconstruction years ago, and you can't even tell which breast was reconstructed. God is good keep the faith. I was told years ago I wouldn't live to see 2009. Well here I am, with NED talking to you through my keyboard sending prayers of comfort, peace, and restoration.

Please please please get a second and or third opinion.

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