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Survived right side breast cancer, what are the chances of getting it on the left side?


I have survived 100% Estrogen positive twice over the years, the last time was 2016 I had complete mastectomy on my right breast, chemo and am currently taking tamoxifen. When diagnosed a 2nd time I asked to have a double mastectomy however I was told that they would not remove a healthy breast and that the chances of getting cancer on the left side would be very slim.

In the recent few weeks I’ve had a gland come up in my neck (left side) and my left breast and nipple feels different, no lump just a bit tender (I know I’ve been prodding and poking every day which I know doesn’t help). I’ve finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment with my consultant this weds but I’m so scared and am having horrid flash backs. Any advice would be really appreciated x

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Hi. You are a survivor or as friend of mine likes to say "not a survivor, a thriver". I have heard that it is fairly rare to get breast cancer in the second breast from two different oncologists. Good luck.

Thank you so much for your support x

I had estrogen left breast & sarcoma too in 2016, and exactly year later got tubular cancer on right breast. Both were very small. Had lumpectomy on both breasts exactly year apart. All doctors surprised.

I have cancer. Cancer doesn't have me. I like that phrase.

I had cancer in the right breast and asked for a double mastectomy. August 17th 2018. I'm doing radiation treatment as a last precaution. Being aggressive and pro active is the way to be. Good luck on your journey. 😊

Dear Sarah,

I am surprised that they would not follow your wishes initially to have a double mastectomy. I wish you were heard. I did have a double mastectomy with cancer that was found on the right side. I have invasive lobular cancer which is hard to feel and identify and so I did not want to take the chance of missing cancer in my healthy breast. My doctors listened to my reasoning and let me be the one to choose. After careful consideration I chose the double mastectomy. They found upon surgery that the right breast had lesions bigger than what was found on the scans. I also have lymph node involvement. The surgery did not get clean margins. I wish for you success in all of your treatments. If you are able I would also get opinions from other doctors. It is after all your life and your body and no one can give a guarantee as to the outcomes.

Respectfully submitted

I removed both but only have cáncer in the right side. I was dx for 2nd this year and it was the same side and the left side was clear

I was told to remove both..... stranger that they want to save your good breast. I glad to hear that. Are u in USA or Europe?

Hi ladies yesterday I went to see my consultant. It wasn’t great news, they did a needle biopsy in my neck, under my arm and under my nipple. I have to see him tomorrow for the results and he is arranging an MRI and full body scan as he said it looks suspicious. I’m so scared of what the outcome might be xx

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Hi Sarah, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I really wish I could give you a hug. I hate all those mri’s and having to wait. Just horrible. Hopefully you will get good news but even if you didn’t just know you have options. You have survived before and you can do it again. Have faith!

Hi Sarah, consider this a cyber hug! I can't even imagine how scary this is for you. So glad that you know your own body so well and are getting this looked into so quickly. I'm sad that you have to go through this. Try to stay positive and take it one day at a time. I'm sending you strength and healing!

Sarah sorry to hear that there is concern, Good they are investigating. Fingers and toes crossed for you. Hugs xxx

Sorry to reply so late, but I just got on the blog. I had Stage 2 PR+, ER+ cancer in right breast diagnosed in 2002. I had a new cancer in left breast (they call it new second primary on contralateral side) found on mammo in 2017. Now on arimidex after surgery and rads. All is

ok. Hope you are doing well, either way. It was scary at the beginning, but please don't worry if it is a second cancer. It is called this to distinguish it from a metatisis, which is of greater concern. Please let me know if you need more info or support.

Hi Sarah , I hope you are ok and they didn’t find additional challenges to overcome ! Hang in there. It is a lifelong journey. Respectfully submitted

Regardless of your decision, fear is very common after one cancer. I know you alluded to this and I have had to quiet my mind every time fear tries to take over. This mindfulness is a constant practice but if I don't stop it immediately, I go "down the rabbit hole" where the fear manifests in so many forms that it's hard to pull back.

FYI, I just had a recurrence but I can handle that now, as opposed to not being able to have done anything after my 2016 cancer DX. I also ran two Stage 4 cancer groups before I got cancer, as well as working with many cancer clients as a therapist. Fortunately, my work is now helping me with my own situation!

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I was unable to save this edit to my reply above:

BTW, Especially because you are having flashbacks, I would strongly advise you find a therpaist to work with who specializes in trauma (and if you're lucky, in cancer as well). A good place to find a therapist by specialty is on or or A cancer support group is also helpful.

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