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Newly diagnosed breast cancer, estrogen positive, stage II BC with 1 lympnode


Hello, I recieve phone call afternoon of Dec. 3, 2018. I'm new , already met my oncologist surgery and my hematologist. Discuss the treatment, I was gonna start chemo, then surgery then radiation, is this really the step of treatment?. I still can't believe I got this disease. Asking for your prayers and support. I'm schedule to have my MRI this coming friday the 21st and my echo on monday the 24th. Still waiting for insurance approval for pet/scan, but my oncologist wants me to start treatment chemo on the 26. I'm scared and wandering what is going on in my life. Please need encouragement and support more support.

Praying for all of us to win this battle.

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Hi I was also er positive BC stage 4 spread to my vertebra 4 diagnosis done Nov 2016. Undergone 7 chemos n now I m fine. God is there think positive everything will be fine. You should have strong will power n everything will move positively. Take care..

Thank you so much. Take care.

Did you do pet scan before treatment?

Yes I HV done biopsy n pet scan as in pet scan it is detected to which all parts it is spread. After my petscan only I came to know that it had spread to my vertebra 4

Are you Her 2 Positive? What was your onco type? I didn’t have chemo based on my onco type. I had two out of three lymph nodes. I always tell people, everybody’s cancer is different. Maybe ask him those questions.

Angeloveme in reply to Ytabnm

I'm HER+ stage 2B, thank you so much I will clarify more.

I will be praying for you

Angeloveme in reply to Nicu697

Thank you so much it really uplift my spirit knowing someone us praying for you.

Hi, I’m sorry you’ve had this just before Christmas. It absolutely resonates with me. I had stage two breast cancer diagnosed in December 2016, exactly two years ago. Mine was Oestrogen positive too, and had spread to four of my lymph nodes. My surgery was in January 2017, I had a lumpectomy and complete lymph node clearance,and was told I would then have chemo and radiation. As it turned out my oncologist then told me I wouldn’t have chemo, but I went on to have Radiotherapy. The surgery, for me, was straight forward, a bit uncomfortable afterwards but no actual pain. I felt able to do some things the next few days , slowly and carefully at first, but within a week making myself tea, light meals etc. After about seven weeks or so I had Radiotherapy. This was quite intense because it was every day for three weeks. Was fine for the first half, then very tired into the third week, and a week after. A tip for that is to get a good cream to protect your skin. I was advised by a nurse to get “Udderley” with a high Uric acid content, and slathered it on. It did the job very well, my skin is milk white and I was told to expect a degree of burning because I also have big boobs! I didn’t burn, the skin got red, but no discomfort. I still use the cream, but on my face and neck, it’s brilliant stuff, and not expensive either.

Anyway as you go through your journey, and it really is a journey where you will learn things about your body, your spirit, and your friends and family, (and complete strangers too who can be very supportive!) I would advise you to take time to digest each step, try not to go rushing ahead worrying about Radiotherapy if you’re going through surgery, easier said than done I know! Pamper yourself when you can, a simple relaxing bath, a massage, coffee with friends. People will want to help, be specific, and take the help, for example, ask them to take you to the hospital, make a meal, help with a bit of cleaning. This is not the time to be superwoman, except in the battle for you to get well.

So, after two years here I am, with a very light line in my boob, it doesn’t really look like a scar , I’m feeling very healthy and positive, I go to water aerobics when I can and have lost 20lbs. I take anastrazole every day, and don’t have joint pain with it. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that whilst we each have to go through our own treatment plans, and there will be ups and downs, there can be a very positive outcome. I am truly sending you all my best wishes. I don’t have a spiritual faith, but all the positive vibes from Berkshire, UK, across the celestial highway are coming directly to you!

Karol x

Thank you so much I truly appreciate your support and encouragement.

Let us know how you are doing. All the best k x

Hi, my pet/scan was not approved instead, I'm going to have Bone scan whole body and CT chest,abdomen,pelvis with contrast.

Hi Angel,

That scan sounds thorough! All the best in your journey, keep us posted on your progress. Thinking of you, wishing you a good 2019, sending celestial support from England!

Karol x

Now I recieve a call that they will delay my chemo treatment due to insurance not approving my pet/scan, they told me that they are working on it, that contacting insurance onco to approve it. So now I'm so scared that my cancer will spread since it went to one of my axillary node. I'm so lost, they told me thay want the pet/scan so they can give me the right treatment that I needed.. please need support.

Just to inform that pet scan is not covered in insurance. Take care best wishes


Did you do pet scan?

Good morning sister, over-comer, and yessssssss warrior . We are your sisters/warriors standing in the gap, and interceding to our Lord/God. There are principalities that want you to be in a place of fear/worry, and would want you to lose faith. Keep the faith almighty God can work it all out . There are so many testimonies on this site. I am surely one. By the grace of God I am still here to the disbelief of a 38 year experienced Oncologist, who said I would not live to see 2009. I pray God will send you people/angels that will carry you on your journey to complete restoration/NED. Remember there are so many more treatments available years ago. God was my healer, yes my/our Jehova Rapha. Remember to read, and recite the Serenity Prayer. Don't give up or give in. Stay strong sister Remember to celebrate the reason for the season, and to give God praise even in times of challenge. Amen Amen, and yesssssssssss Amen. XoXoxo

Thank you so much, you truly boost my spirit and faith to our God almighty . Bless all of us warriors fighting this battle.

Merry Christmas sister

Merry CHRISTMAS, sister.

Merry Christmas, and I can call you my sister since we are sharing the same journey. I had round 2 of 4 chemotherapy treatments on 18 Dec, one day before my 61st birthday. My sweet 3 year old granddaughter pleaded with her parents, until they gave in because wanted her hair cut to be like me. She had 11 inches cut off, and it will be donated to wigs for kids. I had 18 inches cut off initially, then 2 weeks to the day of 1st chemo, my hair started falling out, so I had it cut high and tight with a spunky attitude. is only hair but the love that my only granddaughter showed me was beyond any discomfort. I always try to look for the positive. And literally take this journey one step at a time. My mantra song for this journey is

Build a better boat by Kenny Chesney

Hope it can help you.

Peace and Love

Thank you so much really helpful knowing that I'm not alone on this battle meeting new friends. I'll keep praying to all of us. Merry Chistmas...

Hi Angeloveme

This is the treatment process. I was stage 2 triple postive last year. Invasive ductal carcinoma. I Had 6 rounds chemo, surgery then radiation. Actually going for reconstruction on Jan 9th. But it was a long road but worth it! The chemo killed all of it but .6%. Then has mastectomy. You can do this !!! Stay strong!!!’

May I ask you what is .6% percentage of cancer left?, did they get rid of it when you had your mastectomy?

May I also ask you if it goes to your lympnode? Did you do pet scan before treatment start? Thank you.

Yes. I also had 10 lymph nodes removed

Thank you for your response.

God bless you and be with you at this time

Thank you, same to you God bless...

Wish I all Merry Christmas and a very happy New year

Merry CHRISTMAS too.

Hello, I was also ER positive stage 2B. I went through 8 chemo treatments, then double mastectomy, and 33 rounds of radiation. When I was first diagnosed (Feb 2018) I refused to start treatment until I had a full PET scan. It came up with one lymph node positive thank god but I understand your anxiety of not knowing if it traveled or not. Everyone says stay positive but it can be super hard!

Angeloveme in reply to Dee3960

How are you doing right now?

Dee3960 in reply to Angeloveme

I have full blown anxiety over the future to be honest. I am told I am cancer free, which is great. I was going for Lupron injections and was on Anastrozole and had very bad side effects. I am now on tamoxifen and am going to probably get my ovaries removed.

Angeloveme in reply to Dee3960

May I ask how did you ready yourself to the treatment? I'm kinda scared.

Dee3960 in reply to Angeloveme

I talked to as many women as I could who have been through it. That helped me a lot. The chemo I had lasted from March until July so I gave myself a countdown. That helped me get through it.

Hello. All will be ok, it will be rough at times. You have the same treatment plan as I did, everyone is different. I was diagnosed in October 2016, followed by chem, mastectomy, radiation and waited a little over a year for reconstruction and almost healed with that. There is life after cancer, it is just different. God bless and will pray for you and all.

Thank you so much.

It sure is a lot to take in and get your head around. It has taken me a few years to unpack, truly. As far as the treatment plan question goes, that plan is unique to each person. If it helps with peace of mind, you can go seek a second opinion. Each of us has our own path to take, even with similar stages/types of cancer. What is really important is that you feel supported by your care team, that your concerns are heard and and your questions answered. Equally important is your outlook going in. Allow yourself to feel the full gamut of feelings, and also keep your eye towards the goal of getting through your treatment and emerging cancer free. Sending you lots of love!

P.S. I wrote this a few years ago, and that last paragraph really helped give me a new way of looking at chemo.

Thank you for the support I appreciate and I really do need it.

Hi. I am with you! At the end of Sept. I was told that I had a speck of cancer and needed a lumpectomy. When an MRI was done to mark the area, more cancer was discovered and I was told that I'd need a masectomy but no radiation or chemo. So I had a masectomy on 11/5 with reconstruction started afterwards. 13 days later the surgeon calls to tell me that the tumor was not the inch in size that they thought but instead over 3 inches and therefore there was not enough healthy tissue left so I need radiation and maybe chemo. I also had an infection and a second surgery was needed on 11/27. (Infections are unusual). I am still waiting for pathology results to see if I need chemo. prior to starting radiation. I should know Jan. 3rd. Today is a month since my second surgery. I had two drains the first time and one the second time. I am doing well physically. The surgeries weren't that bad. I never had bad pain and I basically only needed Motrin after the first couple days. The hardest part is the worrying and waiting. Did they get all of the cancer to begin with? Then why chemo.? Sounds like radiation and pills for at least 5 yrs. is standard.

We will get through this. Prayers and hugs.

Angeloveme in reply to Sugarmag

Thank you so much, what stage it is and what kind if you dont mind me asking. So you have surgery right away then radiation and chemo meds.? Did you have bone scan and cat scan before they start your treatment? Or pet scan? I'm praying for all of us, I'm trying my best focused and be positive. Take care..

Sugarmag in reply to Angeloveme

I was stage 1 but because of the actual size of cancer I am now considered stage 2B. I had surgery with reconstruction started at the same time. Debating chemo. Then I will be started in hormone therapy and radiation. Reconstruction continuation is up in the air.

My prayers, dear buddy. I have the same profile. Be calm and be strong. Just one minute at a time. Breathe ❤️

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