How do you feel about Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

On Saturday, I stopped into a coffee shop for my daily dose of caffeine with my sister, and I noticed that our takeaway cups were handed to me with pink lids. My sister noticed it too, and wondered why. "It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month," I told her. "Oh, right," she said. She took a sip. "There. Now I'm aware."

I've always viewed breast cancer awareness campaigns skeptically. Multiple members of my family have had breast cancer, but none of them identify strongly as breast cancer survivors, and I tend to question how much money from pink campaigns is actually contributing directly to patients' lives.

But I'm sure other survivors have found camaraderie and joy in participating in breast cancer walks and other October activities, and I know that early detection campaigns have helped women catch cancer in more treatable stages.

I'm curious-- how do you feel about October? Do you appreciate the increased attention to breast cancer? Or do you feel more cynical? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Any awareness is positive!!! It may be a bit over-the-top, and I am guilty by association for participating in more than my share of walks, runs, volunteering, etc., but If not for friends, and family and supporters, I doubt we would be making the strides we are today in the fight on breast cancer.

    My true wish would be not how to fight it, but how to prevent it!!! Breast cancer has become of epidemic proportions in this country!!!

  • I think breast cancer awareness is a positive thing. It makes men and omen aware of this disease, get regular checkups and ensures that they will follow up with their physicians and get treatment that they need.

  • As an ovarian cancer survivor I think it is wonderful how much publicity and attention breast cancer receives, which leads to awareness and knowledge. Unfortunately, there is so little awareness and knowledge about ovarian cancer. Even tho we have the month of September and the teal color, we just don't receive the same kind of publicity. In part, there are so many fewer survivors. But I think we are making strides. Education about the symptoms of ovarian cancer is very important.

  • I actually don't like the "let's find a cure". I get angry that my children or grand children would have to battle cancer. I would like to have "let's find the cause!" Many diseases that used to maime and kill have a vaccine to eliminate and eradicate them. So "Let's find the Cause!!!!" And as an afterthought there should be stronger guidelines on charities that make more money for the sponsors than contribute to the actual charity.....

  • My feelings have gone up and down on this topic! I do appreciate the attention to this disease because women can ignore symptoms until they realize - I need to get this checked. I like to be a quiet survivor in that I will step up when I can help someone or be approached for questions. After 8 years I have become comfortable with my survivor role and volunteer for 2 organizations. I don't wear awareness clothes or jewelry much anymore- and I have lots! At first it was important to me because I looked different and wanted people to know why. Now I look more "normal" and carry my survivorship as a philosophy of life.

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